Friday, March 18, 2011

happy thank you more please (2010)

Another movie I’ve watched, pretty good-o movie I guess. Basically the story of this movie tells about life as usual which is represented by its actors.

So for all of you who haven’t watched it, here’s a little review...

This movie has 3 lead actors (as far as I know), which are Sam (Radnor), Annie (Akerman), and Mary (Kazan). These three peoples are related to each other and each of their life has a story to tell. Firstly Sam, he’s a regular writer with regular life, but one day his decision of taking home a kid he met at the subway change his life after. Secondly is Annie, a high spirit girl who is searching for her true love behind her deadly disease. Third is Mary, a girl who loves to paint and lived with her boyfriend with no future plans ahead until one incident change her life and her bf.

The struggling of those three roles is the story until they’re reach the understanding of love and to be loved by someone they’re never expecting before.

This movie is good to watch when you're think you've reached your surfeited point of  the life you had. What i take from this movie is that we have to learn accept this life and trying to live happier because our life is worthy. We have to make our story more colorful and  open for love because to be loving someone and being loved is the great things we will ever had in our story.

Oh yeah the director and writer of this movie is Josh Radnor himself!! 

“Sadness be gone, let’s be people who deserved to be loved, who are worthy cause we are worthy.” – Annie (Happy Thank You More Please)

So…interest to learn how to love and be loved?? 

Happy watching everyone!!

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