Saturday, March 19, 2011

marry me (2010)

 Just watched this movie, and oh what a SWEEEEEETTT movie. The story is very light but still sweet, maybe in Indonesia, we used to call this kind of movie as “FTV”.

So for all of you who haven’t watched this movie before, here’s a little review...

This movie tells a story about a woman named Rae (Lucy Liu), a social worker and artist who dreamed of her fairy -tale love story. She’s about to make her fairy tale story comes true until three mans comes up and makes her questioning about what fairy tale she will choose. Those mans are Adam (Bobby Cannavale), her ex-boyfriend who she’s fall madly in love before, Luke (Steven Pasquale), the “rebound” guy who ask her to marry him after a first date, and Harry (Enrique Murciano), a wealthy playboy who doesn’t believed in marriage that has everything Rae needs to create her fairytale story.  So which guy will Rae choose as her prince? Will Rae gets her fairytale story?? Watch it and you find a sugary sweet ending ;)

Well the reason why I said this movie is very sweet is because the story itself, it’s so real and we can find it in every people’s life. This movie is like a modern fairytale story with real life, real people, and real story around them. It’s very light and fun to watch, I think every girl who dreamed of her fairy tale story SHOULD watch this movie.  

For me this movie tells many things of what I dreamed of you know? I mean who doesn’t dream of a fairytale love? Everyone does, especially girls. By watching this movie I realized that a fairytale story still can comes true as long as we believed in it and tries not to expect too much about it because even though the prince with white horse and a castle is not around us, we can still find a perfect man that loves us they way we are and sees us as his princess. 

Sometimes fairytale just pass around us without we realized it, sometimes we considered it as a regular love story but deep inside it is the fairytale we has been waiting for.

Fairytale is around us dear, you just has to realize and believed it ;)

 “ I love him. I’ve always loved him, I doubted myself because I thought it was just too good to be true, but it wasn’t too good to be true, it was just true.” Rae Ann Carter (Marry Me)

So, find it tempting to watch?

Happy watching everyone!!

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