Monday, March 21, 2011

stay cool (2009)

Hello there, just watched another movie here, and this one is brilliant!

The basic story is about Henry (Mark Polish), a guy who used to be a geek in high school and turn into a successful author after. He’s going back to his hometown to give a commencement speech for his former high school. But commencement speech is not all he has to do, he also has to deal with one unfinished story with his biggest high school crush.

This movie is really touched me. The story of how Henry spends his high school time until how he gets a successful life and his love story are packed perfectly. This movie also tells many things about life after high school in simply and real way.  Why I said this one is brilliant is because there are many lines that taking us on a journey back to our high school days. The time when we had a friends who will be there for us when we had a rough time and the time when we fell for one guy/girl and secretly admire him/her every time. 

Another great things from this movie is the way Henry admires his high school crush that’s so sweet and how he gets that story written on his book with beautiful lines and parable is exquisite.

From this movie I also am realize that every moment in our life has its story and every story has its lesson, a lesson that we can take to walk our life later.

“Remember this, our memories make us who we are. These 4 years would only become that, your memories. You can define them or they can define you.” – Henry McCarthy (Stay Cool)

So, interest to recharge your high school memories??

Happy watching everyone!!

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