Saturday, March 26, 2011

you will meet a tall dark stranger (2010)

Just watched the movie above. I hate a movie with twist ending. This kind of movie leaves me with bunch of questions. But maybe that’s the good things, because in the end we have to answer it to ourselves alone and taking the essence of that answer into our mind set.

This movie basically tells a story about how marriage running in life, what are the problems its get and how we can handle it. This movie spot on Helena Shebritch (Gemma Jones), an old woman that having an unsuccessful marriage along with her one and only daughter, Sally (Naomi Watts), which happen to be walking on a same path as her mother did. Completed with the story of how Alfie (Anthony Hopkins), Helena ex-husband running his new marriage life with his “actress” wife and how Roy (Josh Brollin), Sally’s husband who enjoys his desperate marriage and personal life as a…well…a writer who turn out found his new inspiration across the window with his red dresses neighbor, Dia (Freida Pinto).

So to sum it up this movie gives us a story about how a person that involves in marriage hopes for something more, something they will find it interesting, something that will make them feel brand new, something to get out from their routine life. And eventually on that hope of finding someone, we daydreaming that we will meet a tall dark stranger, a people we have been waiting for, a people we predicted to be meeting for, a people who will makes our life more meaningful and colorful, a people that will ease our pains in this life. Because sometimes t is nice to be dreaming of something, or someone in this case, to forget a moment about the problems we had.
Another fine points are this movie gives us a bit of laughter with some good lines that make me realize this is how life is going on and it is normal. Plus Sir Hopkins role on this movie makes me feel more undaunted about him, because I never saw him playing on a comedy-romance movie before.

oh yes, this movie also fill with the nice music, the main soundtrack "Wish Upon a Star" is portray this movie perfectly.
“ And one has to wonder, given all of life’s uncertainty and pain, how do we get through it? Well, as Sally told Roy, sometime the illusions work better than the medicine” - Narrator (You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger)

So, find it worth to watch??

Happy watching everyone!!

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