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crazy little thing called love (2011)

every girl’s stories on chasing their prince charming.

just watched the movie above, i know it's late and so last month, but since i'm excited about this movie and it's not a sin giving a review so i think it's ok *smile widely* oh ya, and for all of you who haven't watched this movie yet, you-better-go-grab-your-wallet-and-shoes-then-go-to-dvd cassette shop-near-you-and-buy-this-movie-immediately-because-this one-is-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

ok, so everyone, here's the review ...

Have you ever feel so in love with a boy at your school that you consider as your prince charming? Every time he passes around you you’ll blushing? you’ll get anything done just to see him even just for a second? you’ll do everything you can to catch his attention? Yes, I think every girl in this world must have been passing through this situation. Either their continuing with their prince charming or their journey stop when they’re realizes that their prince charming isn’t really the one for them. 

Crazy little thing called love tells a story of a junior high school student, Nam, (Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol) that has been hide away her feeling for Shone (Mario Mauer),  the boy she’s admiring and loving for 3 years during her time in school. She is what we usually called the ugly duck. No man will turning his head just to see her. Even tough she’s a smart girl, her English is fluent and she has an intention to studying harder and become number one in her school so she can catch his father in America and of course catch Shone’s heart. With her three best mates, she’ll learn how to be dating the one you love by one book.  She takes everything, every single steps, just to be exist in Shone's world, to be getting notice and loved by him. Through few times, the ugly duck turn into a beautiful swan. Nam gets everyone attention, everyone love, except Shone.

Because of one unpredictable event, Nam ended up  accidentally  thought to be“dating” with Shone’s best friend, Top. Deep down inside her heart Nam always had he feeling for Chon. How can’t she? With his charming attitude and face which always makes Nam feels sensation of pounding heart every time he’s around.  But Shone’s charming attitude is not only for Nam, he’s also does that with a bunch of girls, including Pin, one of the popular girl in school.

Is Nam will finally catch Shone’s heart or will she be left broken heart by her prince charming?

Watch the movie and you’ll find one of the sweetest love story ever happened.

This movie tells every girl’s stories on this world on chasing their prince charming. You’ll find many events you have been done before when you chase some boy/girl on your life, friendship, mean girls, and the beauty of teenager’s life.  The sweet stories from this movie will move you into tears when some moment happen and when you think how you ever feels that moment before. Beside the sweet stories, this movie also completed with funny scene that can make you laugh out loud. Plus you’ll hear nice soundtrack that picturing any situation.

"P’Shone ka, I have something to tell you, I like you very much, been loving for 3 years. I’ve done everything, changed myself in every aspects because of you. Nam applied for a classical dancer club, played a stage drama, be a drum major, be better at studying, it’s for you.  But I know for now that the thing I should do the most and should have done since a long time ago is telling you straightly that I love you."- Nam (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)

O yes, crazy little thing called love also based on a true story ;)

So, find it enchanting to watch? 

Happy watching everyone!!

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