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anchorman : the legend of ron burgundy (2004)

when news is not too serious anymore.

Well hello hello, I come again with the new review of the movie I’ve just watched. This one is a side-splitting movie with some comical actors around. So, ready to read the review? here it is fellas…

Anchorman tells a story of Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrel), the lead anchorman in channel 4 news, life along with his news team, Brian Fantana (Paul Rudd), the most stylish reporter on field with indecent behavior among all of them; Champ Kind  (David Koechner) the cowboy sport reporter with free spirit and his winning words, “Whammy”; Brick Tamland (Steve Carell), the most  polite and neat man among all of them, also kind, a bit religious I think, kind of a man that respect woman, although a bit of a Brian follower,  I said too much about him didn't I? well anyway, Brick is a weather guy. Together, this news team is the unbeatable team that makes channel 4 news becomes number one programs. They’re all legend, especially Burgundy, he is like a God in great suit in San Diego, the city where he delivers his daily news with his classy styles and lines. Everyone, from all ages, all races, all genders praise Burgundy as their God in this city. 

Even though he’s a lonely guy, he’s only living with his mate, his soul mate, his dog, Baxter. Ron is not even knows the meaning of love until he meets Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate), a new journalist hired by his boss to work with him. Lucky for Ron, Veronica feels the same, and as time goes by…they’re dating. But one thing that Ron doesn’t know is his career will be smashed after he takes that decision. Ron and Veronica have the same dreams, which is to be the anchor man/woman in network television. On one surprising day, Veronica, which usually just appear as a reporter has a chance to appear in the news as the lead anchorwoman, and voila her presence that day makes the news channel increase their ratings, which eventually makes her the co-anchor to his boyfriend, Ron. Unfortunately sexist Ron is not happy with that and decided that his relationship with her is over. He’s continuing his passionately in love relationship with passionately in hate relationship with Veronica, until one day, one unexpected day unbelievable incident happens to Ron that makes his life change 360 degree. And all of that change has something to do with his former girlfriend Veronica. What  Veronica did? What will happen to Ron? What will happen to their relationship? And one last thing what will happen to channel 4 news team?? Watch the movie and be ready to laugh a lot while watching it.

I think this movie is freakin hilarious, no wonder why people chose this movie as their most funny movie of all times, because from the story itself is quite funny, plus the script and especially the actors and actresses are high class humorous. Even though, this movie also has a moral story, it tells us to be kind with all of the people even that people has already hurts us before, because believe it or not, we’ll get an advantage from that, we really will.

Move on to another interesting point from this movie, first is the soundtrack which I love to gave comment about, well I’ve never find a movie with a bad soundtrack, since I love music and I love hearing any kind of music so to make it quick let’s say this movie has a nicely soundtrack with few (surprisingly) songs I knew (you know since this movie is from couple years ago and filled with old songs). Another point of interesting view is the unexpected events and people in this movie, believe me, I wont tell you any spoiler about who will showed up and what will happen in this movie that will makes your jaw stiff because you’re laughing too much, but let’s just say there will be some godfather-ish and wild hogs-ish kind of things.

another interesting point, the script is incredibly funny , you'll be blown away when you find  some unusual words, or phrase, or sentence you’ll get while watching this movie, so in case you want to broadening your vocabulary, prepare a pen and a note book around to write some good lines that you can use after when you get shocked or even captivating by someone.

" You stay classy, San Diego. I'm Ron Burgundy?" - Ron Burgundy (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy)

So, ready to witnessing the legend of Mr.Burgundy??

Happy watching everyone!!

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