Sunday, May 15, 2011

cin(T)a (2009)

an out of the ordinary love story when people’s questioning God’s policy.

When two people calls God with different names, when two people act their religious devotion with different ways, when two people read their holy book with different languages, can love unite them in the end?

Cin(T)a tells an extraordinary love story by two people with different faith, Cina (Sunny Soon) a Chinese man with genius mind, comes from Tapanuli, Cina has already spent his junior and senior high school time in Singapore with scholarship. Cina’s father is a medicine sensei in his hometown, and his mother is already passed away. When he have to enter a universityterm, Cina decided to take his study in his country, Indonesia. He wants to be a Governor in his hometown, Tapanuli, even though Tapanuli isn’t already a province. On his first day entering his day as a new college student he meets Annisa (Saira Jihan), his senior, a well-known and beautiful actress. At first seeing Annisa, Cina never feel that he’ll fall for this girl later. In fact, he’s mocking Annisa with Newton Law 2, that say:s Beauty is standing reversed with Cleverness. 

Annisa herself is having her own problem, she’s always failed when she have to defense her final project which makes her postpone her graduation. This two always meet in he unexpected ways, until one day, when Annisa knows that Cina needs money for is living, she decided to take him as her scale model maker. Few days these two spending together makes the feelings grown between the two of them. With all of their differences in life, can they fulfill each other?  Watch the movie yourself and you’ll find an unforeseen ending that’ll blow your mind.

This movie fills with breathtaking story and lines inside that makes me learn a new lesson in life about love and faith. Packed in such a beautiful ways, from the colors in the movie (I don’t know what this called, I’m on my way to learn about this thing), the soundtrack, the acting, and the flow of the story, especially the lines from the script that simple but has a deep meaning.

When you entering Cina and Annisa’s story you’ll be taken into a few sweet situation that will makes you smile, cries, and biting your nails. It such a beautiful story that these two playing in this movie.
Cin(T)a also filled with few testimonials by several people that having the similar story with the lead role in this movie. Sunny Soon, the lead actor plays his role wonderfully, kudos to this guy. Fortunately, Saira Jihan, the lead actresses, also played her role incredibly although it’s not as good as Sunny, but anyway they played their role in such a mind-bogglingly way, that is one of the factor that makes this movie a remarkable movie.

From this movie also I learn how people has to be tolerate with other people in this world even if they’re on the different path, because differences is common nowadays and the only thing we can do is except that and try t live with that in peace.
The ending of this movie is the best part, I won’t say a word, because it will be a spoiler and it’s not cool, but you’ll be carried away in such a wonderful faith that still belongs to some people.

by the way, the word cinta in Indonesian means love.
" Yakin lo masih mau sama gue? Tuhan gue aja berani gue khianatin, apalagi lo ntar..." - Annisa (Cin(T)a)

So, ready to learn a new perspective about Cin(T)a a.k.a love?

Happy watching everyone!!

add.notes. Cin(T)a is definitely one of the greatest Indonesian movie I’ve ever watched, this kind of movie that should be aired in Indonesia cinema, not some cheap horror indecent movie that has produced over and over again. By this movie also I realized that Indonesia has an amazing filmmaker beside that unimportant filmmaker that just chasing money by making movie with instant budget and low moral story. 

Long live Indonesian Movie World, Long live Indonesian Genius Filmmaker!

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