Tuesday, May 24, 2011

death at a funeral (2007)

a tad exceptional funeral.

It all begins with a few little pills that bring a few peculiar incidents at a funeral.

Death at a funeral tells a story about a funeral of Edward (Gareth Milne), that turns out to be a chaos for every single family he left. Starting out with a little mistake by the coffin carriers, to a complication of a fund, an attempt to getting an approval from a father in-law, slapdash pharmacist-want-to-be, hard endeavor on catching a girl a guy used to slept with, crazy old man in a wheel-chair, a friend with skin issues, protective father, starting over a new marriage life, jealousy, father’s “close friend”, and major family matters. So, what will be the ending of this old man’s funeral? Will he be sent peacefully to the almighty God? Watch the movie, and you’ll find out an unforeseen ending.

When first read about this movie I’m not sure this one can be one of the bloody hilarious movie, because from the title itself it’s not something funny to be laugh at. I mean come on, it’s a funeral, and there’s a word death before that, how can it be funny? But after all I decided to watch it and find out the truth. And the truth is freaking bloody TRUE. No wonder why people suggesting this movie as one of the best comedy movie ever, because you won’t be able to count how many laugh you have when you watching it.

I’m never seen a British comedy movie ever, because I thought it won’t be as hilarious as American comedy movie, but mate I’m wrong. Well I’m not saying that American comedy movie is not as hilarious as this one, but not all of American comedy movie is as brilliant as this one. you wont even have to think hard when you watch this. Surprisingly you’ll find a usual event you’ll find on your everyday life, but what makes this one funny is because this one happens in a funeral, a place when you think is all about the boringness and grief situation.

The role itself is not supposed to be a funny role, but the situation and the lines make them funny and still serious at the same time. This one I find the differences between British and American comedy movie, on American comedy movie, you’ll find out a funny role because the actor/actresses play the role with their funny faces and attitudes, but on British funny movie, the situation itself will brings the funny.

Despite all of the amusing scenes inside of this movie, you’ll also find some touching scenes that’ll make you realize after all it really is a funeral.

What I haven’t said before? Oh yes, the act, you don’t have to worry about how the actor/actresses play their role because they play it spotlessly. And the soundtrack is good an easy listening.

The moral lesson I get from this movie? Hmm… Well... I think the moral lesson I get is everyone has their own problems, every single one of the person on this world has the problem they’ve to think about and walk through on their life while they’re still living, just try, try to do your best to deal with those problems and try to do anything you want to do in this life because life is short, no one knew what will happen a minute or even a second ahead with yourself. I think that’s all, maybe because I laugh too much so I don’t take many moral lessons from this one, hehe, but anyway this one is one of the highly recommended and terrific movies to watch ;)

" Life isn't simple, it's complicated. We're all just thrown in here together, in a world full of chaos and confusion, a world full of questions and no answers, death always lingering around the corner, and we do our best." - Daniel (Death at a Funeral)

so, ready to watch an out of the ordinary funeral??

Happy watching everyone!!

oh yes, if you’re questioning why is there a “death” word in a title you’ll chortle with glee when you realize what does it means. *smile widely*

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