Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Harper's Island (2009)

"one by one...."

Heyho, I come in peace and another (short) series review....

Have watched this series lately, and hands up, this series is one of the best series I’ve ever watched.
Harper’s island tells a story about the comeback of Abby (Elaine Cassidy), a girl that used to live in this island until her mom killed by a psychopath, John Wakefied (Calllum Keith Rennie) which also killed six innocent people on that island. After the murder happen, Abby’s father, the sheriff (Jim Beaver), immediately sends Abby to another city and lived far far away from that island.  As time goes by, Abby has to come again to Harper’s Island to attend her best friend’s wedding, Henry (Christopher Gorham), or at least that what she thinks until one by one her closest friends and family disappear and weird things start happening in this island that remind her of her darkest memories of losing her moms few times ago.

So is the Wakefield’s legend come haunting this island again even though he’s already dead? Or do some people try to imitate Wakefield’s line? 

This series is short series, but believe me, on every episode you will feel anxious in about to know what the next event will happen. The acting on every actor in this series which also considered fine and suitable for their roles. Every character on this series has its specialization and makes me as the viewers feels involve emotionally when every single one of them is missing.

So, ready to watch another thriller series??

Happy watching everyone!!

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