Monday, May 23, 2011

serendipity (2001)

can we count on fate?

It all started out on 20th December when two strangers meet over a black wool Kashmir gloves on Bloomingdale. The boy name is Jonathan Trager (John Cusack), and the girl name is Sara Thomas. Together, they spent that night with drinking coffee in a cozy patisserie, Serendipity, they’re playing ice skating and asks each other basic questions.  Later on the same night they thought they had a crush on each other, especially Jonathan. But Sara (Kate Beckinsale), who believe in fate decided either she’s going to take his number or not by the fate lines. 

Fast forward, they separated by the fate that night. Few years later, Jonathan engaged and about to married to his girlfriend, meanwhile Sara is also getting a marriage proposal by her boyfriend. They both decided to move on with their life, but turns out, fate said the others, the closer they’re into their marriage day, the more they get signs about each other. Tired of all the signs and wonder they’ve inside, they decided to find each other. Will finally fate unite them or is it themselves who have to fight for it? Watch the movie yourself and you’ll find the breathtaking endings.

I’ve known this movie before from my best friend who sent me the soundtrack of this movie and told me to listen and musing the meaning of it. Then I asked her whether this move worthy to watch or what, she said yes, and so it goes I watched it and proved she’s right because this one is a real good romance movie. The movie itself fills with quick flow so the viewers wont get bored watching any sense from it. 

From the first this movie started I accidentally fall into the story and go along with it before even realized this movie is going to an end. The quick flow is so ordinary, it’s like an everyday life but fills with romantic scene and lines all over. The act by the actor and the actresses are amazing, well as we know, John and Kate are perfect for their acting skills, so we don’t need to questioning about that, don’t we? Moving on to the story, as the girl and the fate-believer, I looovvveeee the story from this movie. I don’t know if every girls will nod along and smile like crazy (like me) when seeing this movie, but I think they will do it. It makes me realize that fate really exist and we can meet our soul mate, our destiny anywhere, anytime, as long as God decided us to.

This movie also makes me realize that if really fate surroundings our life, I still have to make my own decisions, my own choice to how I'll run my life because in the end it's me who lived the life and it's my decisions who brings me to the situation I'm in later. Fate is there, to guide me, to giving me options if i have any, to giving me final result and helping me if i don't have any alternatives i have to take.

Besides filled with sweet lines and amazing acts, like any other movie, this movie also filled with great soundtracks with few interesting songs to downloaded after you watch the movie ;) 

As other chick flick movie, this one is also has few interesting comedy scenes that will make you laugh while you’re crying or smiling like crazy.

" I think we make our own decisions. i just think that fate send us little sign,  and it's how we read the signs that determine whether we're happy or not." - Sara Thomas (Serendipity)

So, interesting to see how fate goes for these two??

Happy watching everyone!!

ps. i've never like Cusack until i watched this, man he's a real piece of a true amazing actors, kudos to you sir John!!

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