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charlie bartlett (2007)

 aged before age
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Teenagers really screwed up don’t they? They’re all getting depressed, sad, and mad easily. Well I’m not the one who’s gonna judge them because I’ve been there before. So, better for us (especially me) to move on right away to the review…

Charlie Bartlett essentially tells a widen story of how a high school student, Charlie Bartlett (Anton Yelchin) lived his life. His life as a teenager is not as easy as every teenager. First he's drop out from his dormitory school, then deals with his depressed mom, afraid/ hate to visit his father in prison, and starts his new life as a high school student in local high school which absolutely different from his last school. On his new school, on the very first day, he’s already got a welcoming gesture by a rebel kid which successfully left the area around his left eye with a blue color. 

Regardless all of the misery and weird view all of the students giving him, Charlie always has one fantasy about him standing on a big stage with spectacular lighting and people cheering his name loudly. This is what makes her mom and his psychiatrist thinks there’s something wrong with this little boy and decided to cure him with a daily dose of Ritalin. The days when Charlie takes his first Ritalin is the day that’ll change his life after. So what will happen to Charlie? Will he finally experience his fantasy in reality or furthermore what is actually going on with him?? Watch the movie and you’ll find another reason why we have to give a teenager a little break.

Charlie Bartlett movie let us know the story of a usual high school’s situation and all of the insanity the occupant’s having. Not only the students, but also the principal, who sadly is an adult. it’s enlighten the viewers about what these teenagers through. High school is not all about laugh, falling in love, and happy, high school is also the time of depressed, lonely-kind-of-thinking, parents problem, and future weight they’ve to carry around. 

It also gives me a lesson that problems are everywhere, no matter what ages you are, problems will keep coming either you ready to face it or not. The other message I’ve got from watching this movie is that when we reach our teenagers time, it is actually time to prepare yourself to take in hand real life.
A little confession from me is that I’m also has depressed back in time I spend my high school. You know, the feeling of getting expel by people around you, never feel good enough, always tries different things to be exist and leave all of the real deal things behind just to be satisfy with temporary life in high school. High school time really is one of the hard time a kid can get. Because this time is the beginning of their journey to the real life, with college, work, and married ahead. But then again, there is nothing that can’t be solved, same thing with this one, if we can passed the time we had before then why we can't pass this time? A little break and refreshing time are the best thing to get rid of all the complicated thoughts and things we have.

The actors and actresses also play their role in such a good way. Anton plays his role perfectly, he really represents what we called “aged before the real age” thing, you know, the time when a kid trying to be more mature than a kid and act like an adult. He also has a good voice and amazing piano skills, it’s actually makes this movie more attractive to watch.

Last thing is the music, of course, I love the music from this movie. It’s so enliven the theme of this movie, the theme of teenagers life. 

" Well duh dude, this place sucks. But I just worry that one day we're gonna look back at high school and wish we'd done something different." - Charlie Bartlett (Charlie Bartlett)

so, ready to trace these teenagers madness??

happy watching everyone!! 

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