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drop dead gorgeous (1999)

when beauty pageant turns ugly

Hello hello again mates!! Since beauty pageant season is approaching (or maybe some of them are already held) so, this time I would like to review the movie about his pageant thing.

Drop dead gorgeous basically tells a story of how young girls around Minnesota, a small town in America, struggling to get their chance to become Mount Rose American Teen Princess ,that’ll representing their town to become one of the finalists in Sarah Rose American Teen Princess, the most prestigious pageant ever on that time. Some TV crew decided to record the whole thing and make the documentary movie about how this event held, from the registration until the coronation night. It’s not only the beauty that they’re getting from this documentary, but also the ugly side of the pageant. Based on the process of sorting, there are nine contestants chosen that represent each of the high school girl’s madness. 

Despite of all other contestants “talent”, there are two girls that become the ultimate candidate to be winning this pageant, which are Amber Atkins (Kirsten Dunst) and Rebecca Ann Leeman (Denise Richards). Amber herself is a talented girl, she loves tap, dreaming to be the next Diane Swayer, and working in many places to live her poor life. On the other side, Rebecca a.k.a Becky is a perfectionist girl, daddy and mommy little girl who would do everything she can to be getting her desires. Luckily, she has her ambitious mom along her side, Gladys Leeman (Kristie Alley), which happen to be the former Miss Mount Rose American Teen Princess back in her time. More auspiciously, Becky also has a rich father that has a Leemans Furniture. 

It all started out well and the tv crew sense nothing to be suspicious about.  But when suddenly, one of the contestant, Tammy Curry (Brooke Elise Bushman) drop dead on the explosion of her tractor, others contestants start thinking there are something wrong with this pageant. So who killed Tammy? Is it all only a coincidence? Or is the richest family on that town, the Leemans, has something to do with it? More over, who will win the pageant? Is justice will finally arrive in this small town?? Watch it and you’ll find a happy/hilarious ending.

I first decided to watch this movie when I saw many great actresses playing in this movie, such as Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, and some of other names I haven’t said before in the above, which are Amy Adams, and Brittany Murphy. So since there’s many talented actresses laying I thought maybe it is a good movie. But well, it’s a so-so movie I guess. It’s pretty amusing, I’m not gonna lie, I laugh a lot watching it, but from the story itself ,I find some of the scene is not logic at all. Well maybe because it’s a comedy so it’s fine, that’s when the people suppose to laugh, right?? When they’re find something awkward. So (again) it’s fine. 

Actually the story is kinda giving us the real story behind what beauty pageant is all about. You know when there’s some nepotism, beauty turns ugly thing inside that covers beautifully by the committee of its pageant. At the end of the movie, the viewers also given a lesson to keep fighting and find for our dreams even though our expectations is not as wonderful as we thought it would be. O yes, the ending also make me laugh, when we really find these girls (the beauty pageant finalists) showing up their real attitude.

If I may tell a little confession on my own, I don’t really into pageant thing, I thought if beauty, brain, and behave girl is really exist, then why she has to become others spectacle and then help unlucky people with press attention along her. If she really is having that B3 thing, then why she isn't do all the helping thing by her self with modest and out of people (especially press) attention. Plus, since there are many pageant “alumni” that turns out to be brainless people, I even more hate this pageant thing, because the judges certainly judge these girls by their outside a.k.a casing rather that their inside competence. I’m not saying all of pageant princess and judges like that, some of them done some pretty amazing thing that really could help this world, but it’s a tad, and most of them is usually as I explained before.

Anyway, this movie really tells exactly what I said on the upper paragraph. I don’t know if it based on the true story, but every story has its inspiration, right? 

So, back to the review…the actresses plays their role well, some of them plays it great, especially Brittany. She always having her signature acts (I don’t know if that’s a right sentence), but anyway, she really has something that makes her viewer remember her acting, kind of like her acting style. The other actresses I find great is Amy Adams, if you ever saw her on her other movie, you’ll find her absolutely different in this one. I don’t know if it’s because she plays a dumb, pretty cheerleader, but, again, I almost doesn’t know that it is her. Even so, she plays her role amazingly. 

Another thing is the music, well I love music and (almost) never find a bad music to hear on, so to sum it u, this movie has a great music that could lighten up the story.

" Hi. I'm Amber Atkins, and I'm signing up 'cause my two favorite people in the whole world completed in pageants, my mom and Diane Sawyer. Course I hope I end up a little more like Diane Sawyer than my mom.." - Amber Atkins (Drop Dead Gorgeous)

So, ready for seeing how ugly a beauty pageant can be??

Happy watching everyone!!

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