Wednesday, June 8, 2011

from prada to nada (2011)

who said we can’t be happy when we can’t buy some Prada?

Another version of material girls. When two rich girls turn poor for unexpected reason.
From prada to nada tells a story of two perfect Mexican girls, Nora Dominguez (Camila Belle), a beautiful and smart girl with one fear in this life, which is to lose her control in life and Mary Dominguez (Alexa Vega), a sexy and attractive girl that spend all of her time with shopping, smoking pot, and live by the money her father earned. These two girls seems has every girls want in this world, a home that looks like a castle, an amazing latest cars, branded product all over their body, and a wonderful father. But when everything seems fine and faultless, they have to say goodbye to their beloved father. Not enough with one shocking news about their father death, they have to take (another) shocking news about their new step brother and their father’s wealth status. One thing led to another they’ve to leave their perfect castle and survive in the Mexican neighborhood when they have to stay with their aunt.  As if anything isn’t complicated enough to the life their live now, they has to deal with another life difficulty, which are love, friendship, carrier, and school. So, can these two chicas survive the life they have now? Or will they surrender? Watch it and you’ll find a sweet family flavor ending.

I'm not really into this movie at first because I know this movie is a usual chick flicks movie similar to the movie material girls. But since I need some diversion from all of the complicated things I have through lately so I decided to watch this movie with the hope I could be more relax.

Well from the story itself. Like I said before, this movie story is really similar to material girls, you know, the movie played by the Duff sisters, yeah, well, you know. So I think there's nothing more to be worship or salute from this movie story except the strong culture of Mexican that family that spread on almost every scene in this movie. There's also some lesson about what family means in life and how that thing is could be the number one priority. But over all, it really back to love and all the adaptation from rich to poor stuff.
I'm a bit disappointed by the endings also, because it's not like the way I expected and it feels flat, even though it’s a sweet endings, but still, it’s flat :(

The acting by the actresses itself is good, especially Alexa that playing a Mexican Barbie really well. Actually I'm a bit shock seeing this cute and tough girl from Spy Kids to be this spoiled, sexy, a bit bitchy girl in this movie. But well since she can play her amazingly turned 360 degrees from her “trademark” role really well so it rove that she can transform well and again it prove that her acting is good enough.

Another thing I like from this movie is the soundtrack that has a full Mexican flavor…and (of course) the guapooo actor!!! Nicholas D’Agosto, Wilmer Valderrama, and Kuno Becker, so, should I say more?? You girls already know what I mean, right *smilewidely* ??

" No high-protein diet. Poor people only eat carbs... " - Mary Dominguez

so, ready for another chick flicks movie??

happy watching everyone!!

add.note.I’m also a little upset by Camila skins in this movie. I love Camila, I mean, helloooo, could this girl be any more perfect?? But in this movie I think she’s too orange, maybe she tanned it to much or maybe it’s the new style, but still I don’t like it. Anyway, it’s only my subjective pinion, so no offense to all her fans that love her skins in this movie *smilewidely*

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