Wednesday, June 8, 2011

haavee you watched this??

 i can't help but posting it because this video is so freaking amazing!! (plus) i'm kinda love Harry Shum Jr (who wouldn't, right??)

so, the video above is another short film presented by Legion of Extraordinary Dancers a.k.a LXD, directed by Charles Oliver and Christopher Scott with Harry Shum Jr and Frances Manzo as the lead roles.
i first find this superb creation when i browse some of breathtakingly LXD videos and from the first time i watched it, i instantly lovee it. the expression, the musicality, the way they dance are really really mesmerizing and  right at the tempo (oh look, i sound like i'm one of the sytycd judges right know :p). but it really really is good. wait, no, it's not good, it's GREAT.

anyway, the title is "MATCHED". no need to tell what the story tells from this short film because by seeing it, you'll know.

so...ready to see another beauty of art??

happy stunned everyone!!

ps.i'm into dance so much right now, i even thinking to learn about lindy hop soon after i earn my first paycheck, wish me luck dearies *smilewidely*

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