Saturday, June 11, 2011

the hangover (2009)

the best freaking night guys can have.

Holy mother all of the darn things in this world, why oh why I haven’t watched this movie before???? Oh maybe because I’m such an idiot who judged it by its poster!! Yeah, right, the reason why I wouldn’t watch this movie from the first place is because I thought the poster is not too tempting enough and I decided not to watch it. But hey! since there’s a second movie.. My brainless head starting to think: “if this movie is not good enough then why they have to make a sequel from it??” and gotcha! Maybe because this movie is a good movie then they decided to make a sequel out of it. Then, fellas… it brings me to the 10th June 2011 at 11.00 pm (the time I watch this movie :D). Laugh out freaking loud is all I can say (or maybe do) after I watched this. 

This movie is freaking hilarious!! No wonder people talked about this movie so much before, no wonder some of my friends tweeted their worship comment after watching it, no wonder they nominated for an awards a lot, no wonder this is one of the best comedy movie people will talk about in the future, no wonder, no wonder, no freaking wonder! Anyway, before I get too much excitement (which I already do) shall we move to the review right away??

It all started out when Doug (Justin Bartha) decided to asks his friends, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and his (future) brother in law (which turns out being his friend too), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) to be going with him to the sin city, Las Vegas for celebrate his bachelor party two days before he has to get married with his fiancee, Tracy (Sasha Barrese). At the beginning it went really well, a road trip with fancy Mercedes car, a villa at the Caesar’s palace and a drink on a roof that will make a history of their life. A night after they’re share a toast over a drink on that roof everything change, somebody lose a teeth, the other ones has a major headache, and someone almost death by being a tiger’s breakfast, but the most important thing is they’re all forgot anything they do last night and lose their friend, the groom. So, can they remember any of the details on what they do last night and more important, can they find Doug? Watch the movie and you’ll find a hilarious journey on these three genius morons.

From the story itself I find this movie is really brilliant. The story it so simple, I mean, come on, it all basically started out with the bachelor party, nothing could go wrong with this thing, right? But no, not for these guys. That's why I find it great, because the kind of simple story like that can become a brilliant story from its execution. And it really tells the viewers that there is no such thing as a smooth way when you decided to come to Las Vegas and partying there.

The casting director done his/her job amazingly picking up these actors. First is Ed Helms, who doesn’t know him, right?? (Maybe the people who hasn't watched the office, but again who doesn't watched the office, right??), anyway, Ed is play his role in such a good and funny way. Second is Zach Galifianakis, now, I’m only watched him once when  watched It’s Kind of A Funny Story, and I thought he plays his role so-so on that movie, but when I watched Hangover, I know why people like him can be one of the comedy stars alive. Third is Bradley, well I don’t really into his comedy factor, but every movie needs a hot guy in it, right? But he also plays his role incredibly in this movie.

Another good things from this movie is the music, yeah, well for you R&B lovers, you’ll be spoiled by some of top forty R&B music that’ll perfectly match with the days on Vegas.

What can I say more?? Well, if you looking for an entertainment that not too cheesy and dirty but still brilliant and funny, you can watch this movie.

" To a night the four of us will never forget!!" - Phil (The Hangover)

So, ready for (another) Vegas madness??

Happy watching everyone!!

add.note. Ken Jeong also plays his role startlingly. I first saw this guy at MTV Movie Awards 2010 when he got an award that night and getting nuts. Funny guy, I laugh a lot watching his scene in this movie. oh!and this movie contains with few surprising cameo that'll make your jaw dropping ;)

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