Sunday, July 24, 2011

hello ghost (2011)

when you find your true family , through the unexpected visit

Hello hello again, woaahh it’s been a long time since I post any movie review around here. Anyway, I’ve just watched this Korean movie few nights ago. It’s already on the cinema right now, but since I got lazy watching it on the big screen so I decided to buy the DVD cassettes and watching it on the tiny screen. 

Hello ghost tells a story about a guy named Shang Man (Cha Tae Hyun) who desperately wants to die, he tries many ways, from eating a bunch of capsules in the hope of become overdose and die, until jump from a bridge. But It’s not his time for leave this world, instead of being a ghost he became the one who can see the ghost and the only one whose body used to fulfill the ghost activities in the world. And it’s not just one ghost, but four ghosts, from a middle age lady who keeps crying an put on sad face, a middle age man who keeps smoking and smiling, an old man who keeps drinking and coquettish, and a little boy who seems never get satisfied by eating a lot of sweet food. Getting tired of all the ghosts around him, he decides to take the ghost wish with repayment of the ghost dismiss. They’re reaching an agreement. Day after day Shang Man fulfilling the ghost’s wishes which actually turns his life upside down and meets a beautiful woman on his way fulfilling the ghost’s wishes. So, will the ghosts finally dismiss from Shang Man‘s life? Will Shang Man find his passion in life? And why exactly Shang Man being the chosen one by the four ghosts to be their “spot” in the world? Watch the movie, and you’ll find the unexpected endings, I mean it now, it really unexpected!

Well now we move on to the comment thing. Where did I have to start?? Oh the story. The basic idea of the story itself is good I think, well not so new, but the ending makes it perfect.  It leads us to a feeling that sometime life has other meaning and goal for us to hang in there and moving it with sincere because in the future we don’t know who will we met, what that person will do to us, and what will happen to us in life after we meets them. Life of the main role a.k.a Shang Man I think also tells a viewers that no matter how bored or desperate us about living in this life, it’s not us to decide either we want to ended it or not. 

The flow of the story itself is a bit boring, I find one or maybe two or three scene I think bores me and make me yawn, I don’t know if it because the lack of back sound or lack of conversation, you know, since it’s involve “ghost”. Somehow there are several funny scenes that’ll quite funny and make me laugh. But overall it’s a good quality movie, if the endings is not that way, maybe this move will be one of the boring movie I’ve watched, but thank the director and writer makes the endings like that. O yes, the ending is also very Korean, I think, if you’ve already watched many Korean series or even movie, maybe you’ll find it the same way as I did.  Oh yes the ending also make me a bit touched by seeing that those who dead also cares about other who live. 

The acting itself is amazing, especially from Tae Hyun. He supposed to be playing the role of five characters, including his self, and he plays it perfectly. Each role he plays has each character and not the same with the other role he lays, and when you compare the acting when he has to play the ghost role, you’ll find it really similar to the ghost itself, that’s why I find his acting skill is so brilliant (not mention how good looking he is on screen ;p). But anyway I always love Tae Hyun’s acting. Who doesn’t know him from My Sassy Girl and Speedy Scandal huh? He really is a terrific actor. Meanwhile the acts from other actors are quite good.

So, ready to watch another touching yet funny Korean movie??

Happy watching everyone!!

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