Thursday, August 11, 2011

kimi ni todoke (2010)

an adorable story about friendship and love.

Just watched this movie last night and i instantly in love with it. It has a beautiful story about friendship and love that’ll blown the viewer away with good lines, acting, and flow of the story brought by the casts and whole crew production from this movie.

Kimi ni todoke tells a story about a girl named Kuronuma Sawako (Mikako Tabe) who from junior high school stick with the name Sadako due to her physical appearance. She does nothing with that name but accept it and living her life as usual. One thing she has  in mind is that not all the ghosts are scary, when she was a little child, her father always telling her the story about a little girl ghost that keeps helping people around her, and from that day, she promise herself to always helps people around her. On the first day she’s about to enter high school, she meets a young boy who lost his way to the same high school as Sawako is, stick to her promise to help others, she directly tells a boy the direction to the high school. The boy, Kazehaya Shota (Haruma Miura) is attracted by Sawako since their first meeting that day. And from meeting Kazehaya also, suddenly Sawako’s day become much colored by meeting some of new friends and grows a new feeling she never felt before.

I’ve never watched Japan movie much, well I’ve watched some of the J-movie, such as Death Note, and what i previously review on this blog, Lovely Complex. But compared to the frequent of watching Hollywood and Korean movie, still Japanese movie being in the last place. And by watching this movie, i automatically regret my time before by not choosing Japan movie  as my priority. By watching this movie, i mesmerized by the set of this country, the beautiful language they had, and the well-mannered attitude of Japanese people. 

Its such beautiful scenery, gestures, and story given by Kimi Ni Todoke from the first time this movie start. As a viewer, i literally close my mouth and smiling like a fool when seeing the first main point from this movie. And as the story goes on, it gets better and better. It flows delightfully with the great acts by the casts inside. Every scene on this movie has a thoughtful meaning that tells us about friendship as well as love. 

The friendship side is told in such a sweet way, and makes me (again) as a viewer touched by a beautiful story of friendship the characters had in this movie. Truthfully, I even cries in some scenes. The main character of the story, which is Sawako that has a pure heart is really an amazing role models. Her pure heart and the way Mikako as an actress plays it, is really good and make its believable that in this world there is still a good girl who has a pure heart and well-mannered attitude that put others happiness as a priority. Lesson i got is that a phrase that said kindness will be paid by kindness is really true, and it portrayed in this movie. And also a karma law, you know, that things like what you do is what you get.

On the other side, along with the sweet friendship story told, the love story in this movie also pictured in an adorable way between a girl who never felt the feeling before and a gentlemen who can see through a girl heart without even care about her outside look. The love story in this movie i think is more delicate than any other love stories by Hollywood movie I’ve watched. Frankly in the Hollywood movie, we often seen that a kiss and any other physical contact is the sign of love, but in this movie, the character is gracefully tells their feeling through their polite gestures, expression, and lines everytime they’re seeing the person they love. That is why the love story in this movie is truly adorable and sweet. The main actor role in this movie also tells us that there is still a true gentleman out there that seeing a girl not based on the physical appearance only.

Another strength point is that the wonderful scenery and set given by this movie that completed the whole image and situation on every scenes entirely. The music also heaves well. Although there’s not much music played in this movie, but it doesn’t make this movie less interesting and bored as any other movies that having lack of music I’ve watched before. In fact, the acts by the actors and actresses are already makes the moment in this movie alive even if there’s not music as the back sound. 

By my perspective, i think the credits also should be given to a scriptwriter in this movie, because this movie really has wonderful lines that look simple but really thoughtful.
Anyway, this movie is also based from the manga with the same title. As usual manga-to-movie kind of like, the manga surely would be better by the movie, and by what i heard/read is that it’s really better than the movie. I don’t know if it’s true or not because (again) i haven’t watch or read the manga, but if the manga is better than this awe-inspiringly movie, well then i guess i have to put it in my sacred collection.

Oh and a little addition, i think this movie is one of the best romance movie I’ve watched, it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

“A pass won’t be received well by others if you don’t seriously think for it to reach them.”- Kazehaya Shota

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movie trailer: here

so, ready to see how beautiful friendship and love can be?

Happy watching everyone!!

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