Tuesday, August 9, 2011

lovely complex (2006)

Hello hello fellas!! Waahh it’s (again) been a long time since i post anything on this blog. Well it’s not that I’m busy, it’s like the laziness that keep surrounding me :D 

Anyway, happy fasting for all Muslims! It’s already a week, few weeks more, we’ll be facing the greatest day ever!!
Ok, so let’s move on to the review shall we??

once destiny speaks.

Ahhhh I loveeee this movie!! Actually last night is not the first time i watch this. Long long time ago while I’m still at the Senior High School I’ve already watch this, and i instantly in love with this movie. 

Lovely complex tells a story about a 16 years old high school student Risa Koizumi (Ema Fujisawa) and Atashi Otani (Teppei Koike) who have problem with their heights. One is less higher than other while other is less shorter. One thing they’ve in common is that they made promise to their selves to never ever fall in love with boy/girl that shorter/higher than them due to their gloomy love memories in the past. But for their friends in school they have seen as a perfect couple who keeps completing each other who like and says the same things. Despite what other think about them, in school they’re keep fighting over many not-so-important problem until one night when they realizes that they likes same idols and become closer. But on their way to a perfect destiny, suddenly Otani’s ex-girlfriend show up and decided to try again wins Otani 's hearts. Meanwhile, Risa realizes her feelings for Otani which is reverse side from hate. But what Otani feels? Watch the movie and you’ll find a sweet teen story ;)

Well from the plot itself i think this movie is pretty predictable, but the flow of the story which makes this movie interesting. Lovely complex movie comes from a manga with same title, i haven’t watch or read the manga, but from what i read people who has watch or reads the manga says this movie pretty good and hilarious although it’s not as good as hilarious as the manga. Speaking about hilarious side, this movie has many funny scenes that sometimes are not important at all, but from those not-important scenes I laugh out loud watching this movie.
Back to the story, well from what i said earlier, this movie story is predictable and the viewers can watch it without using an extra energy to think because it’s fun and light. Though some sad scenes will make your face unhappy, but then again it’s  most filled with happiness after all.

The acts by the actors/actresses are pretty well i think. I love Ema’s act that plays Risa roles. Although i don't know how Risa Koizumi is (since I’m not read nor watch the manga), Ema plays Risa in good way with her cute but careless attitude, especially when she fell in love with Otani and the awkward situation they had after she’s confess. Anyway, the main point is she plays an exact Japan teen girl who fell in love in a beautiful way which make me as the viewers also feels what she feels (a bit too much? well, that’s what i feel, so...*smilewidely*). In the other hand, Teppei who plays Otani also acts pretty fine, i think he’s..well...i think...he’s...he’s just too cute!!! 
Beside the story and the acts, another thing i love from this movie is the setting and the music. The music is so cheerful and describes every scene precisely. oh yes, there are also several characters which are absolutely will make you laugh out loud,!

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movie trailer: here
So, ready to watch another sweet teen love story??

Happy watching everyone!!

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  1. Ah! Koizumi and Otani? They're like the best anime couple ever! They're funny, yet sweet. There was this one scene in the anime when I really jumped out of excitement! This post makes me wanna watch it again. For the 6th time, I guess. LOL!

    -Michelle Pendlelton