Monday, August 15, 2011

the other guys (2010)

when the underrated talks.

Just watched this movie few days ago and oh
-my, this movie is a total comedy! It’s outrageously funny, all hail king of comedy Sir Will Ferrel!

The other guys basically tells a story of two guys in police department who keeps underestimated for their capability due to their past. Terry
Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) previously on his police day has shot the baseball star, Derek Jeter. Meanwhile Allen Gamble (Will Ferrel), on his previous day as a college student has been a pimp but to repent and forswear because he meets his wife Dr. Sheila (Eva Mendes)  when he thinks everything goes wrong with his condition. Together in the police department as a partner they kept bullying by others, Terry is a temperamental guy who never accept what others said and has an ambition to become a good and popular cop who finish one amazing case. On the other hand, the repent and forswear Allen is just accept anything happen to him without even fight his bully. One day the popular police Danson (Dwayne Johnson) and Highsmith (Samuel L Jackson), which are like the star of police department passed away on an unbelievable event that makes their position empty. Terry shows the opportunity to fill in and become more than a loser. But he can't do it by his self, eventually he asks his partner, Allen with hesitation. Meanwhile there are also other cops who want to fill Danson and Highsmith empty places. So which one can be the next DS? Can terry and Allen who knows as the other guys become anything more than their nickname? Watch the movie and you'll find a real slapstick comedy that'll make you laugh out loud.

To be honest I never thought that
Mark Wahlberg would be playing this kind of movie, you know, comedy movie. The basic story from this movie itself is a bit shallow and kind of in disorder. Well I think the first minute from this movie is quite good and viewers already introduced to the essence from this movie, which is the comedy. But when I enter the middle section from this movie, it’s a bit confusing and the story looks like spread around and widen in disorder. Though there are still one or two points related to the first point. But when we enter the last minute, fortunately it’s all back unite again and focus on one case, though still there's many unimportant still (since its comedy movie, so its permitted I think). Anyway as I said before since the story is light and a bit widen in the middle so this movie is really made just to burst the viewer laugh and as I always hear before, it’s only for laugh.

Honestly I'm a bit disappointed by this, because Adam
McKay-Will Ferrel collaboration before, such as Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy is really great comedy and the story is pointed at one point and not widen. So when I watch this movie I've came with better expectation, especially since Mark Wahlberg also take a part in this movie, but still anchorman is way way better than this if you're looking for comedy movie. I'm not saying that this movie is bad, it’s good; it’s just not good enough.

By the casts acts point itself, it’s not a secret anymore that the lead actors from this movie which are
Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg is a good actor, especially one of the comedy king, Sir Will Ferrel. So I don't think I have to comment any on their acting side, because they're already put on a good act. Another casts I like is Samuel L Jackson and the rock which playing the popular cop, I looovvveee Mr. Jackson acting in here, he's so funny and different from his previous acts on his previous movie.

Oh and also as usual Adam McKay movie, in this movie also you'll find unexpected scenes and casts as a surprise. Well let's say in this movie you'll find some broadways and popular sport-watching-spot.
 "I'm like a peaccok, you gotta let me fly!" - Terry Hoitz


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movie trailer: here

So, ready to watch another Adam McKay-Will Ferrel collaboration??

Happy watching everyone!!

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