Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 senses of eros (2009)

when Gods of Love come to our senses.

Hello mate!! Woahh it's been a LONG time since I posted any kind of writings in this blog. Well short story I’ve been working for about a year and I find it hard to take time and post anything in this blog. So since I resign and focus on anything else in my life, voila! I came again and ready to writes anything that I thought interesting to share. 

For a starter I would like to write a short review from the movie I just watched yesterday.
It's Korean movie called "5 Senses of Eros"

Five senses of eros is an anthology movie that have 5 different stories which basically tells the senses of Eros in each character. U guys know who Eros is right? Of course you are. Well for another who doesn’t like Greek mythology that much, Eros is the Gods of love. Actually I also just knew who Eros is from Running Man special battle of Gods because before I only know few popular Gods such as Zeus, Aphrodite, and Hermes (which also a popular handbag brand).

So back to the movie, the first story is "His Concern". 
His concern tells a story between two young executive people that met in a train on their business trip. The boy finds the woman sitting in front of him attractive though he's having a difficulty talking to that woman. With all of his courage he asks her number and gets another chance to meet the woman of his dream.

Move on to the second story called "Me, I'm Here". 
Well this is my favorite story from all stories in this movie.
I'm here tells a story of a married couple. The wife who is unemployment always waits for her husband going back from work while hiding to give him a surprise. But someday his husband can't find him anymore from her hiding because she's gone for good.

Third story is "33rd Man". 
Well this is the most unimportant story I guess. This story ruined the mood the viewer built from first story. 33rd man basically tells a story of a newbie actress who borrow her senior actress power so she can be as good as her senior and finish the filming for a horror movie. One thing that the demanding and stubborn director doesn't know is that his actress is not only scary in a movie but also in real life.

Story number 4 is also the story I don't really like. The meaning is good, it's just the way I don't like. It called "In My Ending is My Beginning". 
It tells a story of a housewife who left by her husband. Her husband died in a car accident while going on a road trip with his mistress. Knowing that the mistress is her old high school friend, the wife got really stressed and angry. The mistress asks to live with the wife under the promise of her unconditional devotion. What she doesn't know is that the coming of the mistress will be the beginning for her.

The last story is the second story I like from this movie. Why? Maybe because it's way easy to understand than others and one of my favorite actors Song Joongki is in it. The fifth story called "Believe In The Moment". 
It tells a story of three couples of high school students and close friends which change their partners for one day only and find if they really love or not their actual partner.

What do i think about this movie? Well beside can find some gorgeous faces such as Joongki and Janghyuk, I think 5 senses of eros is quite a good movie. Because we as the viewer’s given a look of how people felt about love, about a feeling that Eros living with. Because no matter what time or situation the senses of Eros could be felt by we, human. And when it comes we couldn't do nothing but accept it and thinking what we have done.

This movie also gave me lesson of what we think as true love.
Every single story of the movie taught viewers about love, about a four letter words well known as the greatest feeling in this world

Oh and for u under age 17, maybe u shouldn't watch this movie because it has many 17+ scenes.

Maybe that's what I don't really like from this movie, because in my opinion you don't have to do those such things to know you love her/ him.
But anyway that's my perspective only.

Oh I almost forgot about the cast, I don’t really know all the casts in this movie but i do know some, such as Song Joongki, Janghyuk, Kim Soo Ro, Shin Se Kyung, and Uhm Jung Hwa.

The acting from the casts itself is excellent. They’re really indicate what would they feel when they’re falling in love and forget about anything else in their life. My favorite act will come to Kim Kang Woo – Cha Soo Yeon couple and Uhm Jung Hwa.

o sum it up, over all this movie is a good movie to watch if you're fans of love/romance movie. 

So ready to be the witness of these amazing sons of Eros story??

Happy watching everyone.

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