Thursday, October 11, 2012

adam (2009)

somehow the person we never thought has something more than us is actually has a lot more than we thought.

you think he doesn’t know a thing but it is you who don't know.
hello hello, another (short) peaceful review of a recent movie I just watched.

Adam (Hugh Dancy) tells a story about a 29 years old man named Adam that has an asperger 's syndrome, on a day he never expected he meets Beth (Rose Byrne), his upstairs neighbor that work as a kindergarten teacher and a writer of children book. With Beth he spends his day, he learns how to acts normal, he fell in love. But it’s not him who actually learns in his relationship with Beth, it’s her.
Adam tells me a life lesson on how we can see a pure heart by a people we think never had any. This movie is one touching heart story that somehow can carry you into a smile that close to a cry. The story itself is extraordinary I guess and the actors played it beautifully. Although somehow Hugh Dancy didn't play as an asperger 's syndrome guy perfectly on some act but well he played it almost perfect on every acts (who am I to judge,huh?:p). The soundtrack, o yes this one is also my favorite. It has an amazing songs and scores.

So, ready to see how beautiful Adam is? (I mean the heart, not the face, you've already know that Hugh Dancy is a beautiful man)

Once again, ready to see how beautiful Adam is?
Happy watching everyone!!

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