Monday, October 15, 2012

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in Jakarta


that's exactly what everyone shouts few minutes before these talented boys came out and make the crowd gone wild from the start until the end of the concert.

yep, the moment of all VIPs (names of BIGBANG fans) have been waiting for is finally arrived.

It's BIGBANG Alive Concert 2012 in Indonesia. and me, as one of the newbie in VIPs world feel really blessed and amazing because can be see and watch Bigbang showing off their perfect talent in this concert.

i don't know if the show start a bit late or ontime because once the lights off and the sound increase, i don't care about times anymore and focusing on the main stage and the screen that tells a story. but probably it's a bit late.

so BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in Jakarta day 1 (12 October 2012) starts with a massive shouts from the crowd while the curtain fell off and shows Daesung, Taeyang, G-Dragon, TOP, and Seungri on their own box. intro Alive played and these amazing 5 boys coming out slowly from their box when GD shouts "What's up Indonesia!!". they then continue with Tonight which definitely makes the crowd get crazier than before. i didn't take much pictures in the opening because it's ard for me to get a good one. from what where i standing which is in the middle of standing B1, it is hard to find a good angle or to even watch them, so i decided to step back a little bit and enjoy their performance from the back.

move on the concert, after performing few songs in the opening, Bigbang then greets the audience in english and bahasa. they're doing an intriduction then continue with a solo act. GD and TOP brings out the swagilicious style by Ppeokigayo, High High and Knock Out while the maknae, Seungri bringing the top level of hotness in his all black uniform and laser gun with Strong Baby.

my namja a.k.a taeyang also brings sexiness alive while ripping off his shirt when singing wedding dress. the other brothers of beautiful smile, daesung, also gave a dazzling vocal performance with wings.

furthermore they're singing their hits songs, most of all came from their newest album alive and still alive edition. and also giving an encore performance with lots of fan services. oh and taeyang ended day 1 with his swagilicious dance.

now what i like from this concert is they're performing with a live band. not minus one or a playback instrument. it's a live band people!! it shows how amazing Bigbang is. the sound effect, graphics, maneuver, lightings, fireworks, confetti, and even snow makes Bigbang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 beyond perfection. it's even 100 times better than when you watch the Music Video.

so to sum it up, i really do think that BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour Concert 2012 in Indonesia is the best concert i have ever seen. i really really really want to watch them again, hopefully in next year, aaminn 0:)

oh and here few pictures i take. well most of  them is youngbae pictures, hehee

that's it from me today fellas, annyeong!! :D

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