Monday, October 15, 2012

can't hardly wait for these two

anyeonghaseyo chingu!! how r u today? i hope u guys are doin just fine, so last night i found these two movies i can't hardly wait to watch. what are those??

it's Les Miserables and Hello, Goodbye.

so the first movie is Les Miserables, or what we usually call as Les Miz. no need further explanation, for you guys who love to watch theatre, reading old novels, or listening to Lea Salonga maybe already know what Les Miz is. yep, these amazing play is back people!! but now they came in a movie. well it already has came in a movie before, but i bet this movie will be a hundred times better than before or even equal. i mean look at the stars,  the beautiful and talented Anne Hathaway, the man who no need to be questioning anymore, Hugh Jackman, and the amazing Russel Crowe, plus Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen, isn't it amazing?

i've already got goose bumps for only watching the trailer. can u imagine how epic this movie would be? woahh...really can't wait for this christmas. i definitely must watch this!!

fyi, Les Miserables is the story came from Victor Hugo classic novel set in 19th century France. it tells many wonderful story inside from the redemption of a prisoner named Jean Valjean until France Revolution. oh and the director Tom Hooper is also the one who direct The King's Speech, isn't it amazing??!?!?!

moving on the second movie is Indonesian movie called Hello, Goodbye. well the reason why i really want to watch this movie is beside i love Rio Dewanto (well, who doesn't??), it also takes place in South Korea, which is the country i really want to visit next year (aamiin). the original soundtrack also came from one of greatest singers in South Korea, Eru. 

the story itself i find it interesting. well before watching the trailer i've already knew this movie when i looking for novels in bookstore. if i'm not wrong, it tells a story when some KBRI workers (Atiqah.H) has to take care of Indonesian soldier (Rio Dewanto) which injured. but this soldier has nothing spirit at all to live and prefer to die. fighting after fighting is what these two experiencing everyday. but what they doesn't know is their feeling grows into something more than ordinary feeling.

fortunately this movie will be release in 29 november. so it wont be too long.


that's what i can't hardly wait these days, what about you chingu??

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