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[K-Drama Review] Chakhan Namja/ Nice Guy (2012)

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So rather than sitting alone, thinking about my past life, how about some series review?

It's Innocent Man.

 "there is no such thing as nice guy"

 Well I've been watching this series lately. At first I'm not interesting with this one, but after hearing the story about the magnificent acts by Song Joongki and the cocept of the drama itself, I think I should watch it. And I've never regret my decision to watch this series. Because it really is a good one. Another good Korean Series u should watch.

First let me tell a synopsis from this series ok? 

So Innocent Man/ Nice Guy tells a story of a young yet handsome guy named Kang Maroo which life has ruined when he decided to go and help his noona (what Korean man used to call older woman) or girlfriend 5 years ago. Maroo that left his sick little sister, Kang Choco, when Han Jaehee, the love of his life called and begging for help never expected that his decision will affecting his whole life. Studying as the first year medical student, Maroo's dream to be a doctor dismiss when he step up and telling the police that he committed a crime by killing a man. In fact the one who kills that man is his beautiful girlfriend that has to protect some millionaire.

Five years
gone and Maroo as a convicted doing every way to get some money for Kang Choco’s medical treatment. One of them is by selling his body. By accident he met Han Jaehee who turns into some Lady that already married and having a son from the millionaire she saved 5 years ago. Both of them shock seeing each other again after a long time.

After short meeting, Jaehee that feel pity
for Maroo, give him some money. But when her step daughter knew about this thing, she lies and tells that Maroo blackmailing her. Poor Maroo then has to go to jail for Jaehee’s fake accusation.

Thinking all that Jaehee has done and making his life miserable, Maroo then set his mind to do some revenge for her. It's Jaehee’s step daughter, Suh Eun Gee, which he's using as a weapon. Maroo tries everything to be close to Eungee and making Eungee falls for her. He's success, Eungee easily falls for him. But suddenly everything goes like a boomerang for Maroo when he regrets his decision to involve Eungee between him and Jaehee. He also realizes that what start as nothing can leads to real feeling.

Song Joongki as Kang Ma Roo

Moon Chae Won as Suh Eun Gee

  Park Si Yeon as Han Jae Hee

relationship chart 

another trailer: here

So is Maroo's heart still belong to Jaehee? Or his heart has turned to Eungee? Will Maroo's revenge success?

Well I still don't know the answer because the last episode hasn't
aired yet. I hope it will be a happy ending though and Maroo ends up with Eungee, hehe.

and for u who interesting to watch this series, you can download it here (credit to indowebster)
oh and fyi, it's a melodrama, so prepare yourself for some trembling emotion and set of tissues

That's it for me today fellas, anyeong!!

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