Sunday, October 14, 2012

waiting for forever (2010)

another moving story on chasing your prince charming or in this case your Cinderella.

helooo helooo, another (short) movie review here. This one has an amazing love story on chasing the one you love, you believe you love.

Waiting for forever tells a story of Will Doner (Tom Sturridge), a man that has been following the love of his life, Emma Twist (Rachel Bilson) wherever she goes. With the thought that Emma will love him back, Will chasing Emma on every footstep she takes. But every time he about to say that he loves her he can't. Meanwhile, Emma walk on her life and meet a guy that ready to marry her, Aaron. 
So is Will will finally declares his feeling all this long to Emma? Is Emma will take will's love? Is Will's waiting finally worth?
Watch the movie and you'll find another sweeeettt ending.

the story of the movie itself is quite common I think ,the story on chasing someone you love your struggling through it and all of other things. But one think I think extraordinary from this movie is the flow from the story, it flows beautifully and the acting from Tom Sturridge is amazing, it really shows us what it is like to be loving someone you love on your entire life. and what people usually called crazy in love.  I don't know what camera they used to make this movie or even if the camera has nothing to do with it but the colors from this movie is really good, i love it. Oh and the soundtrack, this is one of other things I love from the movie, the soundtrack is great and nice to hear. And a another plus points from this movie is it has amazing lines which will inspire you ;)
Waiting for forever is ok as long as you wait for the one you love or in this case the one you think is your destiny.

"Truth is nothing. What you believe to be true is everything."- Will Donner (Waiting for Forever)

So, interest to witnesses this sweet story of waiting??
Happy watching everyone!!

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