Saturday, September 7, 2013

upside down (2012)

Anyeonghaseyo, just watched another movie last night, called 'Upside Down'. Well, at first I want to watch this movie in theatre but since I don't have any time and it's already 'basi', so I decided to watch it through dvd instead.
The reason why I'm interested to watch this movie is because the cast and the idea of the story. I mean, how amazing world can be when it's upside down? But unfortunately it's not too amazing.


Forbidden love in extraordinary world.  

This movie tells a story of a man named Adam Kirk. Adam is people from down below who lost his whole family because transworld. He always finds pink bees interesting, because the usage from it. Adam always thinks he can change the world with the help of pink bees.

One time when he's sitting in his favorite spot at Sage Mountain, he finds a girl which will change his life forever. She's Eden Moore, the girl from up town.

Love finds them. Through times, Sage Mountain became their place until guardian police separate them.

10 years after that, Adam sees Eden who works at transworld in television and decided to chase his love. Adam's effort to grab Eden's heart and equalize the world he lives in is the main story.

When it comes to love and geeky side, Jim Sturgess is always be my favorite. His acting as a lover boy is magnificent, while Kristen Dust never stops shows her innocent yet brave looks.

The idea of the story is amazing. It blows my mind. I mean come on, the world when it divided by upside and down, who would think of that?

But unfortunately the story line is not as good as the idea. It's lack of process and few events which should be big turns just find. It's feel like everything is fast forward and I find it hard to embrace.

But after all, I quite like this movie because of the extraordinary idea, athough the result is mundane. Plus the moral message that tells everyone in this world is equal.

"Up-top they always win, down-below we always fail." Adam Kirk (Upside Down)
  There you go, another movie review from me. From my perspective I rated this movie 7/10.
ps. Adam and Eden is remind me of Adam and Eve.

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