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A Werewolf Boy (2012)

Been saving this movie in my laptop since ages but just have time to watch it few days ago and instantly loved it.  
when waiting is not the hardest thing to do.
A werewolf boy tells a story about a widower and her two daughters who move into a suburb after her husband passed away and met the unique boy in their new home. The mother decided to name him Cheol Su (Song Joong Ki). Not be able to say a word and have a big appetite when it comes to food, the older daughter Kim Sun Yi (Park Bo Young) really hate Cheol Su's presence in their home. But after a while she decided to give Cheol Su a chance. Because Cheol Su acts like a wolf (always growling and howling), Sun Yi learn how to treat him from a book how to train a dog. Strangely it works. With Sun Yi ways, Cheol Su change into more of a normal person does. He eats slowly and with chopstick, he dressed and sleep like a human being. 
Song Joong Ki as Cheol Su
Park Bo Young as Kim Sun Yi
Sun Yi then spends his time with Cheol Su when her mother working and her little sister goes to school. He introduces Cheol Su to music and taught him how to write and speak. Sun Yi and Cheol Su's happy days suddenly turn into a mess when the son of Sun Yi's father – Park Ji Tae (Yoo Yeon Suk) – came and tries to insult Sun Yi in the middle of the night, which brought the real identity of Cheol Su exposed.

love love love this scene.
do you see love in his eyes? i see ;)
 Honestly I decided to watch this movie from the first place is because Song Joong Ki is starring in it but now I think I would watch it even though it is not Song Joong Ki's movie, because the story line itself is entitling and fresh. Well not so fresh maybe because we've been introduce to werewolf stories with Twilight and few Hollywood movies. The different thing is when Twilight gave us a modern vibe; A Werewolf Boy taught us that werewolf already exists since old days. However what makes me a little disappointed by the story is the fact that they don’t really explain where the werewolf came from and why in the world did he exist.

one of the scene that make me crying out loud.
But beside those scientific questions, I find the story really dazzling. You know when someone's strange act is not the reason why you refuse to be with them. How you give a chance to someone you never thought will be one of the important person in your life is also a good message from this movie. For a reply by that chance is loyalty and eternal love that won’t fade through time. There are few scenes near the ending that succeed in making me cries like a baby. I really want to tell that scene here but it will be a spoiler and I hate spoiler so you just have to watch it then you'll know what I mean.

you're the best Joong Ki oppa!
Anyway, about the actor and actresses, I must salute Song Joong Ki, not because I’ve already like him but he really shows what a good act means. From this movie I realize that Song Joong Ki is indeed a versatile actor who can play many different characters but still giving a good and memorable impression by those characters. I've already watch him in Innocent Man where he plays a complex man that tangled between his grunge and love, I also watched him in Penny Pinchers where he plays a trashy guy who watch porn in the morning and trying to hook up with girl in the night. From those two titles he plays different characters successfully, he really dive into his characters and make viewers believe in him.

The same with what he gave us in this movie. Even though I am sad when he decided to leave Running Man because he wants to focus on his career as an actor, I must say it was his best decision because the actor qualities is flowing in his blood although he also have a variety show DNA.
et back to the business, I really love how Joong Ki interpret his character in this movie. His gaze and gesture is perfect! Not to mention about how he gave his all - without afraid - to look ugly. I hope after finishing his army service I will be showered with a lot of his movies (aamiin!).

when Chilbong turns bad :p
Comparing to Joong Ki, Park Bo Young acts is also not so bad. But what catch my eyes (beside Joong Ki) is the one and only Yoo Yeon Seok. He plays the villain in this movie. After watching him portrays a sweet Seoul boy by the name of Chilbong in Reply 1994, I must say he did an excellent job in playing the bad suburb guy. His accent and his annoying attitude is success making me (who already love him because of Chilbongi) hate him. 

one of the scenes that depict the beautiful story
 So to sum it up this movie is really interesting and not making me bored at all, the story is daring, a lot of good acts portray by the actors and actresses and the soundtrack is sweet and fits the movie completely.

If I have to give points I will put 9 out of 10.

“Cheol Su, are you really a freak? Which is it? Which is the real you? I don’t care...I don’t care if you’re a freak.” – Kim Sun Yi (A Werewolf Boy)

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