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[K-Drama Review] Gu Family Book (2013)

Anyeonghaseyo yorobun!! It’s been a while since i posted anything on this blog. Now since i have plenty time to do such things, i thought of writings on this blog will be one of my regular activities.

So i just watched this Korean Drama series called “Gu Family Book” and i instantly love it! It’s a bit weird i think, because i never truly like Saeguk (Historical) Drama since it usually too serious or dark, but this drama is different. It has modern scent even though it sets in Joseon Dynasty.

A tale of love, fate, and loyalty.
Gu Family Book or Kangchi the Beginning tells a wonderful story about love, fate and what we call as loyalty. It started with a story of a hundred year Gumiho name Gu Wol Ryung (Choi Jin Hyuk) who falling in love with a human Yoon Seo Hwa (Lee Yeon Hee).
Gu Wol Ryung & Yeon Seo Hwa
Yoon Seo Hwa is a daughter of a rich family that has to live her life poorly after her father being accused as a traitor. After seeing her father’s life being taken away by a jerk man Joo Kwan Woong, Seo Hwa has to accept her life as a Gisaeng (prostitue).  When she’s trying to run away because she didn’t want Joo Kwan Woong (Lee Sung Jae) take her virginity, Gu Wol Ryung rescue her.

Gu Wol Ryung and Yoon Seo Hwa live in a beautiful place called Moonlight Garden. Two of them falling in love and get married. Little Seohwa knows her husband is a Gumiho. After finding out her husband true identity, Seohwa flipped out and report him to the police. Wol Ryung that still has feeling for her wife after finding out Seohwa’s comming of treason, finally change into a 1000 year demon when Judge Dam Pyung Joon (Jo Sung Ha) put his sword through his heart.

Jo Kwan Woong & Monk So Jung
Apparently Seohwa didn’t realize that she’s pregnant with Wol Ryung’s child. When she decided to kill her child that she thought will turn into a monster like his father, Wol Ryung’s close friend and a monk So Jung (Kim Hee Won) came and tells Seohwa about Wol Ryung’s pure love for her.

Shock and regretting her foolish decision, Seohwa decided to give her son to So Jung and ask him to raise her son as a human. Meanwhile, she goes to a city to kill the man behind her miserable life, Jo Kwan Woong. Sadly, Jo Kwan Woong’s watchman able to kill Seohwa first before she even stab  Kwan Woong’s heart.

Choi Kang Chi & Dam Yeo Wool
Given his best friend child, So Jung decided to let that child live a life as a human and throw him in the river. Lucky for him, a rich man named Park Moo Sol (Uhm Hyo Sup) found that child and adopts him and named him Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi).
Park Tae So & Park Chung Jo
Choi Kang Chi transform into a handsome man with a good manner, respect the elders and fighting bad guys who always threats poor people. Not knowing his true identity as a son of Gumiho, he become a good friend with Park Moo Sol’s real son Park Tae Seo (Yoo Yun Suk) and build a close relationship with Park Moo Sol’s daughter Park Cheong Jo (Lee Yoo Bi).

But Kang Chi’s perfect life suddenly has to turn badly when the man who makes his parents life miserable, Jo Kwan Woong appeared again. Not only that, fate also brings Kang Chi back to his childhood sweet memories, Dam Yeo Wool (Bae Suzy).

Together with Dam Yeo Wool, Kang Chi learns about his true identity, what is love and what is loyalty to fight Jo Kwan Woong and live peacefully, also his journey on finding Gu Family Book to become a human.

Gu Family Book Relationship Chart
This is the first Lee Seung Gi’s drama i watched and man he really is a good actor. No wonder why people praised him for his versatile talent. 

Kangchi's first transformation is one of the best acts in this drama. ah-mazing!

my favorite scenes of this love birds
Putting Suzy as lead actress also a good job, makes me want this pair to be a couple in real world. They really show a good chemistry. When Lee Seung Gi portrays the exact personality from Joseon Dynasty’s people, Suzy gives a modern vibe through her act and words. She really is a vitamin in this drama.

evil evil evil

For the other actors and actresses, i really have to salute the person behind the role of Jo Kwan Woong. You know how it feels when you watch a villain in a drama and really want that villain to be dead immediately. That’s how i feel when i watch Jo Kwan Woong’s attitude. Lee Sung Jae is doing a really good job in portraying such cruel people. I’m a bit shock when know that he is the same guy who played Eun Sang Chul in The Strange Housekeeper. His role in The Stranger Housekeeper is really good and angelic, 360 degrees different with his role as Jo Kwan Woong. So salute to Lee Sung Jae for making me wants to kill you (in drama).
i really don't mind if i have to live with a gumiho like this ;;)
But my heart and screaming of excitement when watching this drama goes to one and only Choi Jin Hyuk who plays the role of Gu Wol Ryung. Before watching him in this drama, i already watch his acting through The Heirs. Don’t know why i seldom fine his attractiveness in The Heirs, but in here he is truly amazing. He’s so hot and mesmerizing. I’m literally holding my breath when it comes to his scenes. Neomu neomu neomu saranghaeyo Choi Jin Hyuk!!

From what i see, Gu Family Book is not a mainstream Korean drama look alike, you know when there are 2 lead actors and 2 lead actresses that tangled in a four side live story? Gu Family Book is nothing like that. Even it also has the triangle love story at first. That’s why this drama is a bit unpredictable and interesting. Few amazing lines and heartbreaking scenes also make me love this drama. However, there are some irrational scenes that don’t make any sense. But if i put it all together, this drama is really is a good drama. Light, sweet, sad, funny, and remarkable.

Oh and one thing that can’t left behind is the soundtrack. I love this drama soundtrack!! Beautiful music that completes the scenes is truly an important thing.

Anyway, if i have to put some points i put 9 out of 10 for Gu Family Book. 

"I'm not afraid of the future that hasn't happened yet. What is future, after all? Isn't it just what the moments right now turn into? If i change now because of my future, what's the point of living in the present?" - Dam Yeo Wool (Gu Family Book)

Ps. the ending is a bit questionable. I still don’t know if they will make the sequel or not. But i certainly will wait for it.

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