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[K-Drama Review] Reply 1994 (2013)

Just finish watched another kdrama "Reply 1994" . One word for this drama: DAEBAK!! I don't even know if that word is enough to portray this magnificent drama. My salutes to all of the crew and cast behind this amazing drama. Thank you for giving your audience such a topnotch show.
When you spend your 20s in the most beautiful way.

Reply 1994 tells a story of seven young bloods lived in Sinchon Boarding House. Seven of them came from different background and has its own struggle through their life. But together in that house they're becoming one family. They experienced their first love, first heartbroken, and the meaning of their 20s. Until one of the boys boarders became a husband of the owner’s daughter, which came to the story of how I met your father. 

The boarders of Sinchon Boarding House are Sung Na Jung, Sseureki, Haitai, Samcheonpo, Joo Yoon Jin, Binggrae, and Chilbong.

Sung Na Jung

Meet Sung Na Jung (Go Ara). She is the daughter of the owner, Sung Dong Il (Sung Dong Il) and Lee Il Hwa (Lee Il Hwa). She's majoring in computer engineering at Yonsei University. She came with her parents to Seoul from Masan. She's a reckless girl which happens to be a diehard fan of basketball player, Lee Sang Min. She’s a typical girl in her 20: full of spirit, follow her idol everywhere, and neverending reckless acts. But her recklessness suddenly changes into clumsiness when she fell in love for the first time with someone who she never thought of will be her first love.

Meet Sseureki (Jung Woo).  Sseureki or trash is a 3rd year medical student. Like Na Jung, Sseureki also came from Masan. He portrays the exact personality as his name. His life is truly a trash. He can wear same shirt for 5 days without washing himself. Beyond his sloppy habit, he's a prodigy in medical world who has a genius mind and gentle yet sweetest attitude when it comes to his one and only love.

Meet Chilbong (Yoo Yoon Seok). He is the one and only Seoul original citizens between the gang. He's not the original lodger in Sinchon Boarding House but because of his cousin, Binggrae, he spends a lot of time on that house. In Sinchon Boarding House, he's not only felt the warmness of family atmosphere but also for the first time in his life he finds something worth fighting for beside his passion for baseball, which is his first love.

Meet Haitai (Son Ho Joon). He is the typical country boy who tries to be a city dude. Same like Na Jung, he is also majoring in Computer Engineering. Came from Suncheon, he wear any latest fashion, trying to hook up with any Seoul girl and never gave up visiting hip bars in Seoul. But beyond his want-to-be-cool acts, when it comes to his first love, he changes into a silent boy.

Joo Yoon Jin
 Meet Joo Yoon Jin (Min Dohee). She is a diehard Seo Taji and The Boys fans. Majoring in Computer Engineering, she never said a word unless it's about her 'oppa'.  But when a boy who she considers as her enemy comfort her mother and shows different side of him, Yoon Jin changes into a beautiful girl who gave all her heart for her man.

Samcheonpo a.k.a Jang Gook Young
 Meet Samcheonpo (Kim Sung Kyun). Also majoring in Computer Engineering, he’s the unluckiest guy on earth who tries to copy Leslie Cheung’s hairstyle in movie A Better Tomorrow, but failed to portray the image perfectly because of his poor appearance. Despite his old looks, he’s actually the youngest of the group (impossible? I know. That’s another reason why this drama is hilarious and laughable). Came to Seoul from his hometown, Samcheonpo, Jang Gook Young (his other nickname) already face his tragic fate when he tries to found Sinchon Boarding House by himself. However his hapless life suddenly turns into an envious life when he found his first and last love.

Meet Binggrae (Baro B1A4). He’s a first year medical student who has a big passion for music. He’s the second most quite person in the group after Yoon Jin. Came to Seoul from Goesan, Binggrae make choice to take a leave on his medical school and find his truly passion for music. Struggle with his new life, he finds comfort when for the first time he confirm his feeling for the opposite sex.

Reply 1994 Relationship Chart
Reply 1994 take a flashback from 2013 to 1994 to find who is between the boarders that'll marrying Sung Na Jung and became the husband.

What I love from Reply 1994 is it feels like i came back through the time shows in this drama. You know the kind of happiness you’ll get from simplicity in the 90s. When you still not busy with your own gadgets, when you watching television together in living room with your family, when you spend your breakfast lunch and dinner in one table with your family, when you still waiting in lines for using public phone, all kind of that stuff.

the gang in 1994
the gang in 2013
Watching seven of them build their bonds beautifully is another reason why this drama truly amazing. Their relationship  feels a bit like Friends (NBC Series) relationship. It’s funny, since Friends also being mentioned in this drama. Another reason why this drama amusing is when they predict the future of few Korean Superstar who still a nobody in the 90s. 

who is the husband between these five?
Anyway the storyline is definitely a topnotch for me, because it is unlike another mainstream K-Drama with predictable story. Salute for the scriptwriter who invite the viewers to feel exciting in finding who will be the lead actress’s husband and reveal one buy one who’s eliminated from the nomination. Some of the scenes are also adorable because you never imagine some sweet scenes will came from someone unexpected.  

when reply 1994 meets reply 1997 :))
The fact that Reply 1997 casts also involve in this drama as well as their OST is truly a plus point.

the vitamins
About the casts i can’t find who catch most of my attention, because everyone shows a brilliant acts. Go Ara is success playing the role of Sung Na Jung. She’s certainly not holding back and not afraid to acts crazy, careless as an uncontrolled young girl. On the other hand Sung Dong Il who plays the character of Na Jung’s father is truly hilarious. Together with Samcheonpo, both of them are the reason why I laugh so hard watching this drama.

But then again i must salute all of the casts; it feels like they act naturally.

Oh and another reason why I love this drama is because there is a narration who gave a moral message based on each episode’s theme.

So, if I have to put points I will put 10 out of 10 for this drama. Yes, this is a perfect drama from my perception.

“Present. In English, it has two meanings: a gift and also the current moment. It may be that the most precious gift to us is the present, the time in front of us now. True, we may always be bickering with each other and were happy together. 1994 was like a gift to us. And exactly eight years later, and unbelievable gift came to Korea – of all days, on that day.” – Sung Na Jung (Reply 1994)

Ps. I cried when i watch the last episode of this drama, not only because the last episode is really touching, but also  because I realize I will never see their amazing friendship again in Reply 1994 :”(

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