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[K-Drama Review] Twenty Years Old (2014)

Heyho!! Just finished watching another Kdrama miniseries, this one I’m not sure if I should called it Kdrama or not, I’d rather called it FTV or Special Drama because the story is so simple and short, but upon the confusion of what-should-i-call-this, I really love “Twenty Years Old”, I can’t get enough sweetness of  this miniseries’ storyline.

 when idol met their first love.

Twenty Years Old tells a story about how an ordinary girl named Kim Hye Rim (Lee Da In) spends her twenties. Apparently her first 20 years old romance story with her Sunbae (senior) in campus turns into a nightmare. Depressed and desperate about her 20 Years Old romance, her roommate, Ga Young, asks Hye Rim to accompany her watching her roommate favorite boy band, B2ST.
Gikwang, an idol and member of B2ST
Lee Ki, cute 20 years old boy who fell in love all over again w/ his 1st love

Watching B2ST concert making Kim Hye Rim recall her past memmories , when she’s still a middle school student and spends her life with her former boyfriend, Lee Gikwang, which now already becomes famous idol as B2ST member. 
slipper accident, one of sweet scenes in this miniseries.

when idol follows his first love, sweet!!
Coincidentally, fate brings her slipper to Gikwang hands. Since then, two of them reconnect and start having a fresh new romance relationship.

when idol date ordinary girl ;)
Unlike their past relationship, knowing that she’s dating an idol, Hye Rim can’t date like normal people do. She have to watch movie one seats away from Gikwang and finish the movie by herself (because Gikwang will be going first before the lights on), considers lying by her friend who told that she already has a boyfriend but cannot gave him her boyfriend picture and hides her relationship from her best friend & roommate because afraid her roommate will flipped out (since her roommate bias is Gikwang).

It was going smooth and Hye Rim has to accept the fact that this is all she can get, until Gikwang’s scandal blew up in the media and they has to experience same events like their past.

This miniseries is really suitable to watch when you get tired of heavy movies or series. Because it really light and pleasing.  It came to my mind that maybe this is the real story of how idol’s feel about his/her first love.

can't get enough of this sweet couple XD

How they spend their days as a couple is really sweet and endearing. Even though Gikwang is an idol, he really shows that he’s just an ordinary guy who fell in love all over again with his first love when he’s with Kim Hye Rim. Their gestures and conversation to each other is really shows how Korean young’s couple acts to each other, which are really sweet and feels like this world belongs to both of them.The chemistry between Gikwang and Lee Da In also make them looks like a real couple.

the next big thing in drama? let's hope!
Another point I love from this movie is the point of view which belongs to Kim Hye Rim. I really like how Kim Hye Rim looks Gikwang as Lee Ki (his former boyfriend and best buddy) while on some other time she also finds her as Gikwang, the idol who is a member of B2ST. Lee Da In who plays the character of Kim Hye Rim is shows good acts, considering it’s her first appearance as an actress, i think this beautiful young lady can follow her mother (Kyeon Miri) and her sister (Lee Yoo Bi) success.
the next actor-dol? let's hope!

On the other hand, being the first lead in this miniseries really brings Gikwang acting’s talent an improvement. Even though on some acts he’s still a bit clumsy, but if he frequently sharpens his acting skills, I think he can be another successful actor-dol (Actor-Idol).

So, to sum it up, i think this miniseries is really delightful, light, and if you love Gikwang or B2ST, you definitely have to watch “Twenty Years Old”. It feels like watching fairytale in idol’s world.

If I have to put points for this one I will put 9 out of 10.

“Dating an idol, like any other, is also cringe-worthy sweet. If there is any difference, the kind of dating that requires absolute secrecy.” – Kim Hye Rim (Twenty Years Old)

ps. this miniseries is another reason why dating Korean guy is really tempting. The way they treats their girl is as sweet as honey XD

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