Thursday, January 30, 2014

[K-Drama Review] Two Weeks (2013)

Finally be able to finish watching this series after postpone it over and over again. Even though at first I hesitate to watch it and afraid abandon it in the middle, turns out the story change into an interesting one and I ended it in such speed mode.

14 days of life changing.
Two weeks tells a story of a man name Jang Tae San (Lee Jun Ki) who accuse of a murder only have two weeks to prove that he's not the murderer and be able to have an operation for saving his daughter's life.           

one of the romantic scene, i guess.

The story is as simple as that. It also only has 16 episodes. Let me warn you first, if you’re fans of a romantic story you better not watch it from the first place because this series is a hardcore action genre though it also has a few romantic scenes.
bloods an guns are the common view in this series.
Move on to the review, I’m not into action movies or series but strangely I find two weeks really interesting. On each ending episodes there will be something that make me curious and increase my eager to watch the next episode. Even though on the beginning I slightly feels bored but from middle to ending this series is getting more worthy of note.Some scenes a bit out of logic I think, but if we're talking about Korean series or any series is not a big deal though.

his expression is picture-perfect.
Four thumbs up to Lee Jun Ki oppa for playing his role perfectly. You will find that he can be sweet and dangerous at the same time. Everything portray by his tiny eyes gaze.
i'm sorry prosecutor Park, you should try harder :(
I don't like the role of the prosecutor Park Jae Kyung (Kim So Yeon). I think she played it awkwardly on some parts. It's either lack of expression or too much.

But after all it is really a good series if you like action genres and Lee Jun Ki.

If I have to put points for this one I will put 8,5 out of 10.

“Because there isn’t anyone who isn’t afraid to die.” – Jang Tae San (Two Weeks)

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