Thursday, February 27, 2014

[K-Drama Review] Another Parting (2014)

This is my second time watching web miniseries after Twenty Years Old. And I find it more confusing and less interesting than the first one. Maybe it is because of the dark story. However I couldn’t resist Seo In Guk’s charm through this web series. Oh and one more thing, is alien become a new “thing” in K-Drama now? If the answer is positive then it’s super fine, because unlike the scary version of Alien in Monster vs Alien movie, alien in my imagination lately has been formed into a gorgeous man like Seo In Guk or Kim Soo Hyun ;)


Another Parting tells a story of an alien (Seo In Guk) who receive tasks to find the reason why human cry. He only have one day to fulfil his tasks. Unfamiliar with human world, he searches everywhere to finish off the question. When he felt like the task is too hard and he will be failing like any other “agent” who used to carry out the same task, he met what he looking for from a girl name Hana (Wang Ji Won).


favorite scenes.
Watching Another Parting is like watching a long version MV. In my head, I’m thinking of T-Ara’s Cry-Cry or another drama version MV. It’s short yet still has a story, a beautiful one. The teaser is so intriguing, the sentence that said “A Woman who really wanted to live. A man who wanted to go to an end. There is only one day. At the end life...Love begins.” Doesn’t it increase your curiosity higher? Sadly, the series is not as good as the teaser. The phase is not right and I think many scenes look awkward. I feel like it’s not finish yet or maybe there still something hanging in my head about few things. If only they make it longer. I’m not saying that it has to be a 20 episode series. Like Twenty Years Old for example, the series who has 4 episodes but still create a good story and pleased the viewers.

the sweet escape?

However, I love the scoring in the beginning of the story (doesn’t it sound a bit like “Bad Guy” theme OST?). The music really portrays the darkness of the story and the feeling of Hana. The music at the end of episode 4 is superb as well. The cinematography is enchanting. I really love the dreary atmosphere which again depicts the essence of the story.


when hana met hana.
The idea of the story itself is really interesting. There are no greater things than two souls that can fall in love in the matter of second. I always find this kind of a story appealing. It also light, which makes the story even more drawing. Unfortunately it is too short, even though the ending is still as pretty as I hope it supposed to be.

the climax?
 The first and second episode is really drawing my attention, yet I lost my spark in the third and beginning fourth episode. Nevertheless the ending of 4th episode pulls me back and makes me questioning the next episode. Even though there are few scenes in the fifth episode which I find not connected to the story and less important, the ending still pack the whole storyline in magnificent acts.


his gaze is priceless.
 I have to congratulate Seo In Guk, because he really transform himself into a qualified actor through this one. Maybe acting is the right path for him despite the fact that his beautiful voice also makes a good point. The dumb expression he make when first landing on earth to be living a life as a human and when he finally realize what he felt for Hana is flawless. Although it just a miniseries, Seo In Guk proves he will put everything through his act and i admire him for that.

wipe your tears Hana, you met Hul ;)

 On the other hand, Wang Ji Won also portray a perfect role of an ex-idol who frustrate with her current life and regret her past decision. This is the second time I watch her acts after The Heirs. I don’t really know how she is as an actress, but if I have to judge from this one I think she did a pretty good job.


I will put 8,5 out of 10 for this series.

“Promise me three things. If you go back to when you wanted to go back to. One...never lie to yourself. One...never lie to yourself. One...never lie to yourself.” – Hul (Another Parting)


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