Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hello Goodbye (2012)

I've ever write about my intention to watch this movie two years ago in this blog, but sadly due to my lazy body and my hectic schedule #halah I just be able to watch it few days ago. Fortunately I watched it, because if I’m not I can guarantee I will be so much in regrets missing this such good Indonesian movie. 

It is rare for me to find good Indonesian movie these days although through times Indonesian movie industry seems to be improving. It's not that I’m not proud to be an Indonesian, I really proud to be born and raised in this beautiful land but I must say this country lacked a lot of things, I’m not going to discuss about poverty nor corruption because that's definitely not my cup of tea, it's just Indonesian movie industry seems to be running out late. But anyhow, Hello Goodbye gave me a perspective that Indonesian movie personnel still has a sense to bring viewers such a beautiful love story. Not to mention a lot of Indonesian movie todays who can pass International Movie Festival selection. Keep up the good work Indonesian film-maker!

Hello Goodbye tells a story of an Indonesian Consular worker Indah (Atiqah Hasiholan) who placed in Busan, Korea. Day by day Indah finds her work is really boring and she surely miss her home, Indonesia. Accompanying government’s wife shopping and live in unfamiliar place is making Indah even more stressed. Her obsession on making a paper doll is her way to fight the boredom. On her monotonous day, her boss suddenly asks her to take care of Indonesian Citizen, Abimanyu (Rio Dwanto), who nearly passed away by a heart attack. Abi is an introvert man who works in a cruise ship and refuses any medication given to him. With Abi’s stubbornness, Indah felt that her life is getting even worst. What she doesn’t know that met Abi is her gate to a new life she always dreamed of.

when love finds you through unexpected time.
Two thumbs up for the writer and director of this movie, Titien Wattimena. I never thought that watching Indonesian romantic movie will give me chills. Since I love watching Korean Drama, a whole idea of romantic scenes on my brain is taking up by those dramas. But after watching this movie, I sincerely thought that there’s another way of expressing your feeling to your love and Indonesian man has such a sweet way to do it. The fact that it filmed in Busan, Korea is making this movie even fascinating.

start of the Hello.
start of the Goodbye.
From the beginning, this movie already grabs viewer’s attention through the unknown conversation about How-You-Start-Your-Life. And in the end the answer is revealed with a sweet journey behind it. Without much conversation and focusing on the life of lead actress, Titien Wattimena be able to portray what Indah’s been through and what she felt when she met Abimanyu. 
Eru's cameo.
I truly love everything about this movie, from the storyline, the cast, the cinematography, and the soundtrack. 

one of the best scenes.
The story itself is already dazzling. It’s actually a typical romantic movie story when you met a stranger and grows feeling for him/her after spending days together. But even though it’s easy to guess, the way they’re felt they feeling grow for each other is become the real magnet from the movie. I never found that someone who has a bad temper like Abimanyu can be as sweet as a sugar when he finally opens his self to Indah. Not only his gesture is nicely done, his dialog also gave an impression as if he’s been longing to find someone like Indah on his offshore life. The ending is the best part from the story. It depicts the Indonesian sentence “Kalau Jodoh Ga Kemana” which means if he/she supposed to be your soul mate then he/she will be one. The ending is unexpected for a moment, but when I watch the rest I literally clap my hands congratulating the sweetness. 

the one and only smile from Abi, kyeopta XD
Rio Dewanto’s acts is caught my attention more in this movie. Not because his gorgeous looks, but it really because he gave more solid performance than his co-star/wife, Atiqah Hasiholan. This is my first time watching Rio Dewanto’s movie. I never watched him in another movie or series. I used to think that he gained more attention because he date Atiqah but now I think I have to erase my thought and admit that I’m wrong. This handsome man is really can act. I never imagined that Rio Dewanto can be as sweet as bad at the same time. He really portrays the image of a loner Abimanyu perfectly. Although his level is not as high as another Indonesian movie actor, I think through more production and practice, Rio Dewanto will be a successful actor.
Indah and her doll.
On the other hand, this is my second time watching Atiqah Hasiholan movie. Before, I watch her in La Tahzan. I think she gave better performance in this movie than La Tahzan. It’s confusing I know, because Hello Goodbye is produce way before La Tahzan. I don’t know if it is because she acts with someone she familiar with or not, but the way Atiqah acts in this movie is more reliable.

Finally, if I have to put score I will give 9 out of 10 for this movie.

“Gimana kamu bisa sampai tujuan kamu itu kalau kamu ga tahu titik awalnya?” – Abi (Hello Goodbye)

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