Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Bling Ring (2013)

This movie is an exact example of how your life would turns to be when you get eaten by pop culture lifestyle temptation. Though many people said that they don’t really like this movie because of the boredom and randomness, I kinda like it. Not because this movie  are so light and easy to understand, but because this movie tells today’s youth generation to be careful of what they’re doing and think of the consequences in any steps they take. It’s a good thing that Sofia Coppola turns Nancy Jo’s writings into this movie. The movie that based on true events always interesting to me. I haven’t read the articles of “TheSuspect Wore Louboutins”, but I surely would like to read it. I really like my time watching this movie. I don’t think I waste my time at all, because the phase is fast and I don’t realize when it’s already end. 

The Bling Ring tells a story of five high school students who get obsessed with celebrities’ lifestyle and what they’re wearing. Their obsession make they decided to burglarize few celebrities’ home when they’re out of town. The gang which also known as Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch consist of Rebecca Ahn (Katie Chang) which known as the group leader, Marc Hall (Israel Broussard), Nicki Moore (Emma Watson), Chloe (Claire Julien), and Sam (Taissa Farmiga). Rebecca and Marc are the first two who start the stealing by robbing few interesting items in Paris Hilton’s house. 

Rebecca and Marc met in Indian Hills high school after they transferred from their old school because serious problems. Rebecca introduces Marc to her obsession and unhealthy habit by robing people property in unlocked park cars and home. It’s getting serious when they decided to rob celebrities’ house by searching the address through cyberspace. Along with the rest of the group they start their luxurious life by wearing the celebrities’ stolen items. Driving an expensive cars, sitting and order pricely drinks in night clubs, taking picture of money and their branded items, smoking pots and doing drugs, are become their lifestyle. The gang becomes seriously famous for their lifestyle until their careless acts got caught by the authorities.


As what I say in the beginning, I always like movie that based on true events. Sometime it eliminates the unnecessary points. Sadly though, this movie has some scenes that’s unimportant and had no point to the story. However, the beginning is really interesting, when there were some interviews with the gang after they got caught and when they tells the reason why they do such things. I think it will be more exciting if Sofia could cast the real member of the bling ringers; either put them in the end of the movie or maybe showing the real footage of their court. But anyway, this movie is light and if you love pop culture and obsessed with how the celebrities spend their life and time, you really should watch this movie, because from this movie you can see that you don’t have to own anything you want.


I’ve ever read about Nick Prugo (the true bling ringers member) in one magazine and how he’s robbing Audrina Patridge’s house. At first I thought the reason of their robbing is because they’re out of money and trying to get a better life. After watching this movie I know the exact reason why they’re doing such things. It’s just for showing off. Adding with the amazingness of today’s social media and how “selfie” become the next big things in a cyberspace’s world, the bling ringer’s act is somehow the step of how youth nowadays would like to be. Like Marc said in one of his line “We want to be a part of the lifestyle.” That is the actual reason why they’re committing the robbing. Beside Rebecca’s sick obsession of wanting to wear and experiencing things her fashion icon, Lindsay Lohan, did. Not to mention Nicki Moore’s act which portray the typical teenager who willing gave everything she has just to be famous and known. 

How they spend day in the beach and how they spend night partying or clubbing are known as how celebrity or Hollywood reality show’s (The Hills, Laguna Beach, The City) casts spend their life. They are literally the victim of Hollywood lifestyle. And I think bringing that story will gave youth to think twice about what they’re doing.


Emma Watson is definitely the main hero in this movie. I never thought that she can play a well-act bitch. She really gets out of her Hermione character. The way she talks, stare, dance, and anything she did in this movie make her like a shallow Hollywood kid. Now that after seeing her playing such character, I would like to see her more in that kind of character, beside her nice and angelic role.

The other casts who caught my attention is Katie Chang who played the role of Rebecca Ahn. I can see her obsession with celebrities through her eyes when she robbed those celebrities’ house and especially when she’s in her fashion icon and main obsession house, Lindsay Lohan.  Even though she’s not yet in Emma’s level, I think she’s a promising actress.


The music already captive me from the very beginning of the movie. Crown on the Ground bySleigh Bells is definitely a great choice. It shows the ideal lifestyle their living into. I don’t really pay attention to another soundtrack, but mainly this movie filled with hip hop and electric songs, which again fit perfectly with the storyline.

Finally, I would give 8 out of 10 for this movie.

“I think we just wanted to be part of the lifestyle. The lifestyle that everybody kinda wants.” – Marc Hall (The Bling Ring)

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