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The Host (2013)

Stephenie Meyer is indeed one of the best writer when it comes to science fiction romance story where she introduced us to a whole new imaginary world we never knew existed before. After gain a huge success from legendary love story by Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan, now Mrs. Meyer came to awe her readers (once again) by another epic love story of an alien and a human being. Not that I’ve read the novel already, I just be able to watch the movie since I’ve already gave up from seeing the thickness of the novel. But the novel must be good if they can portray it in an amazing movie. Like previous Meyer’s creation, The Host also based on a pure imagination. But still, it’s not all about action and science, she’s not forget to put on an enchanting love journey which can make her reader’s (or in this case, her viewers) heart flutter. 


The Host tells a story of an invasion by an alien which in this movie portray as a soul who take on human body and live inside it. Those human are their host who can do nothing because the alien take over everything. Through the whole invasion and taking over human body, there is one soul and body who unexpectedly can live together. A human named Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) is one of a few survivor who refuse to be taken over by the invasion, but one day she got caught and decided to commit a suicide by jump from a third floor. Unfortunately her body is not smashed, so the alien can use her body to be the host of another soul named Wanderer. What other aliens not know is that Melanie is still living inside Wanderer. She’s communicate and be friends with Wanderer. 

Unlike any aliens who seems so brutal and doesn’t care about human condition, Wanderer is a soul who can relate to Melanie’s life. She saw that Melanie is left her brother and her lover when she decided to commit a suicide. With her sympathy for Melanie, Wanderer decided to help her find Melanie’s loved ones. Unfortunately, her intention got caught and the Seeker (Diane Kruger) decided to kill Melanie and move Wanderer to another body. Confuse and refuse to be parting from Melanie, Wanderer runaway from town to find someone who can help her and Melanie. Because of Melanie’s strong aim, she’s ending up finding another human survivor, which also includes Melanie’s lover and little brother. But Melanie’s plan is not going as smooth as she thought, knowing that an alien has been lived in Melanie’s body, a pack of human survivor are not believe her and arrest her as a prisoner. Now she has to convince her family, friends, and lover that she’s still living inside Wanderer’s body.


This movie is a bit boring in the beginning but got really interesting from the middle through ending. I’m not a regular fan into science fiction movie. Believe it or not I haven’t watch any so-called Star Trek movie, it’s totally not cool, I know, but like I said in the previous post, I’m not the action movie kind of person nor science fiction. You can call me a shallow minded girl who likes to watch drama and romance only, but that’s truly what I am. It’s not that I haven’t watch and like any science fiction or action movie, I have plenty of those kinds of movies, but my heart still goes for drama and romantic comedy type. But since now there are a lot of science fiction movies who include romance thingy, this genre slowly became my favorites. Let’s say Twilight Saga for example, then Hunger Games series, and Mortal Instruments series (which by the way make me fall in love all over again with Jamie Campbell Bower), etc. Doesn’t it spoil your hunger for another romantic story? I say yes. Now, The Host became another science fiction romance movie who I can add into my favorite movie collections.

It’s not pure science fiction. If I may say, it’s actually a romance story in science fiction way. This movie is actually based on a romance charm, but Stephenie Meyer’s brilliant mind put it on science fiction world which makes the story even more enticing. My overall comment about this movie is that so far I can’t ever disappoint with anything that came from Stephenie Meyer’s head. Not to mention how this movie equipped with such an amazing effect and marvelous set (I don’t know if they’re filming it in the studio or not, but if they actually filming the whole dessert and cave scenes in the real dessert and cave, I must say AH-MAZING!). As the viewers, I’m not only spoiled by the delicate of the story, I’m also captivated by the magnificent set and view almost through entire movie. The director may want to portray the exact scenery like what Stephenie Meyer describes in her novel. On some point, I’m also in awe by the angle of the camera. 

So I must say it’s (almost) a complete package movie if only they can spice things up in the beginning. 


Like any other Stephenie Meyer’s work, The Host also can make me believe in the beauty of love and the people (or in this case soul) which involved inside of it. What interesting is that Melanie’s love story is not too interesting to me. Like vampire-human love story in Twilight Saga, alien-human love story in this movie is the one who makes my heart flutter even more. Melanie and Jared’s (Max Irons) love story is not completely unattractive. It is full of passion especially when they just met each other for the first time. But that kind of story is a bit common. So I don’t find it too interesting. It’s Wanderer and Ian’s (Jake Abel) love story who is more entitling and daring. Ian is such a sweetheart and cute lover. I find myself smile foolishly when it comes to his scene. I'm a 100% Team Ian! Like her previous work, Meyer also describes this unusual love story beautifully, from the first time they met until they finally realize their feelings for each other. It’s sweet and cute! But putting on another love thingy aside, this movie is not forget to implicate few sci-fi scenes, where they put on a soul to a human body.

I may warn you, if you looking for any superb action scenes in this movie is you turn a wrong lane. Unlike Twilight Saga series that still have few amazing action scenes, action is something this movie lack. I hope for an impressive war or fight when the Seeker caught Wanderer, but all I got was nothing. So if you looking for sci-fi and romance, this movie is recommended, but for action seeker, I can guarantee you that you won’t like this one.


I’ve been liking Saoirse Ronan since watching her first in The Lovely Bones. Later I watched her in Atonement, where she plays another excellent act. The same thing she does in here. Playing two roles and two characters at the same time is not the easy things to do. Yet, she still pulls things off perfectly. She can portray a rebel, free spirit, cool Melanie as well as when she has to be kind, soft, and daze as Wanderer at the same time. Like what I predicted before when watching her at The Lovely Bones, Saoirse grew up into a beautiful and classy woman. I envy her face and body. The fact that she can kiss two handsome guys at the same time makes me even more envy. 

Pretty same like Saoirse Ronan, I also have putting my eyes on Max Irons when I first watch him in Red Riding Hood. I pity his character in that movie. Luckily he gets picked by the girl in this movie. For acting point, I don’t find him as dazzling as Saoirse. I just find his acting okay. Not too good not too bad. But who knows if he can be an amazing actor someday. With his picture-perfect face and body, I don’t think it’s impossible.

As much as I love Max Irons’s Greek God face, my heart goes directly into Jake Abel. I love him even more in here than watching him in Percy Jackson the series. He’s as sweet as sugar when he confessed her pure love for Wanderer and start to caring for her. He’s not as stand out as Max Irons in the beginning of the movie, but near the ending he stole my attention.  I like to watch him more in action and romance movies. I believe he will be a badass action movie’s cast and a wonderful romance movie’s sweetheart.


Another reason why I love The Host is because they put on Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive as their original soundtrack! I’m the fans of Imagine Dragons’s Night Visions album. Radioactive is one of my favorite songs among another their amazing’s work. Hearing this music on this movie which by the way portrays the exact situation of what they’re lived in on the movie is the perfect ending. They wrapped the movie perfectly by using Radioactive. I don’t really notice another music besides few scoring and Radioactive. 


I will put 9 out of 10 for The Host.

“Our world isn’t like the other worlds they came to. The way they see it, human beings are just so...alien. But if one of them can find a way to love with one of us, I wonder.” – Jeb (The Host)

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