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[K-Drama Review] Emergency Couple (2014)

I still can’t believe that Emergency Couple is over. Really sad. It’s quite the same feeling like when I watched last episode of Reply 1994. Gonna miss the cute yet silly Oh Chang Min – Oh Jin Hee couple a lot. Not to mention a lot of ER crews involved inside the drama which make this series even more captivating. Even though the ending is not as sweet as I thought would be, I still have a lot of love for Emergency Couple. Once again, tvN drama never disappointed me. Emergency Couple Manse!! 


Emergency Couple tells  a story of a divorced couple Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) and Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) who met again as an intern in a hospital emergency room. They start to remember their hating feelings for each other once again. Oh Chang Min trying to make everything he could to get rid of Oh Jin Hee. Meanwhile, Oh Jin Hee who struggle to get into her state now is trying everything she could to keep her job as an intern.  While trying to survive in her new world, Oh Jin Hee’s charm coincidentally attracts the ER Chief, Gook Chun Soo (Lee Pil Mo). Chief’s attention to Oh Jin Hee and all kind of unintentional accident between two of them make Chang Min burst into anger. On the other hand, Chang Min’s mother is trying to set him up with Minister Daughter who turns out to be his colleagues as an intern in the same ER, Han Ah Reum (Clara). Complication, once again, approach Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee’s life when they realize they have an unfinished business.


This drama is a complete package to me. What’s not to like? It has Song Ji Hyo – Choi Jin Hyuk as lead actress and actor, silly yet lovable plot, and a medical theme above it. Doesn’t it sound mesmerizing? I think it does. From the very beginning when I read about the synopsis I’ve already can’t wait to watch the series and when it finally came out, my expectation even grow higher. From first episode Emergency Couple has attracts their viewer to be impatiently waited for another episode. The plot is somehow quite not right in the middle through end, it may be caused by the struggling filming schedule, but still the writer succeed in delivering a beautiful relationship by both leads. 

Kang Gary as a driver
Narsha BEG as a patient.
There are a lot of surprising extras and guests in this drama, which also make Emergency Couple like any other tvN series who used to bring a shocking vibe on their production.


the 1st meeting after divorce
The plot is really interesting to me. A divorced couple who reunites once again is a whole new romance of a love-hate relationship. And finally a happy ending for the gorgeous Choi Jin Hyuk. Really glad to see that at least one of his dramas I watched that he can smile in the end. Not to mention a lot of smile he gave in this drama which once again makes my heart flutter and my body melt away. But anyway, I’m not going to discuss about him now. He has a special section later. I want to talk about the story now.

Professor Shim Ji Hye & Chief Gook
Han Ah Reum & Oh Chang Min
Back to the main topic. The storyline is somehow quite the same and predictable with another love-hate relationship. You know, once a lover, then a hater, then meets again and start to grow into a lover (again). What makes it different is that there are two second female lead who involve in the story. There are Professor Shim Ji Hye  (Choi Yeo Jin) and Han Ah Reum. Another shocking and different vibe also felt when Oh Jin Hee’s little sister, Han Ji Ae (Jeon Soo Jin) came with her boyfriend Kim Gwang Soo (Park Do Sik) and a little baby Gook. I see this as a way the writer start to open the memories of Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee’s past relationship.

Yong Gyu unconditional love for Ah Reum-shi
I got a bit, just a bit disappointed with the ending. I know that the writer try to tells that they’re trying to slow things down and start over the relationship again without remarried. But still, the ending is not as pretty as what I thought it would be. The hanging relationship between Chief Gook and Professor Shim also makes me frowned. If they’re not trying to start their love again, I think they deserve a sweet goodbye. What I love from the ending is Han Ah Reum and Young Gyu (Yoon Jong Hoon) brand new relationship.


Love love love the cast. Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk is a perfect couple! Kang Gary has a real competition now.

Emergency Couple is the second drama from Song Ji Hyo iIwatched after Princess Hours. After watch this drama I must say that Song Ji Hyo is indeed a good actress. She really shows a good acting and portrays her character perfectly. Although I think Oh Jin Hee character is quite the same like Song Ji Hyo in person, minus her badass and gangster noona vibe. When I saw Oh Jin Hee confuse expression I feel like saw Mong Ji Hyo in Running Man. Also how she looks like when she just woke up which often shown on Running Man. But anyway, I think a good actress is the one who can portray different characters beautiful and perfectly, and Song Ji Hyo is one of them, so salute for her. I just hope that she will do more of romantic comedy series or even melodrama for next project, so that she can excites her fans even more.

I don’t even know when to start about this man. He plays an heir one, a gumiho, a chaebol, and now a doctor (who finally get a happy ending). Choi Jin Hyuk really pulls out Oh Chang Min’s character. He shows that he can be spoiled mommy’s little son, genius doctor, jealous ex-husband, loving man at the same time. The way that he changes into such personalities is perfection. Now I want to see him in action movie, i believe he will be a great one.

I know it is just me. But Chief Gook gives me a vibe of Dr. Derek Sheperd in Grey’s Anatomy somehow. Even his face (who definitely not the same) makes me feel like they looks similar. But beside his similarities with McDreamy, Lee Pil Mo succeed in giving strong impression of ER Chief with spooky yet genius sense. His expression and attitude when realize that he felt something for Oh Jin Hee is cute and lovely.

Kim Gwang Soo & Baby Gook

Kwon Min & Heo Jae Ho
Yong Gyu & Kwon Min
The vitamins! Always love their presence in this drama. Baby Gook, Kim Gwang Soo, Yong Gyu, Kwon Min (Kim Min Ki) and Heo Jae Ho (Jang Dae Il) are definitely the vitamins of this series. Baby Gook cuteness is overload. Kim Gwang Soo attitude as an unapprove son in law is funny. Yong Gyu unconditional love for Han Ah Reum is also mesmerizing. Kwon Min & Heo Jae Ho couple who always showed up in perfect timing and love-hate relationship is sweet and laughable. Yong Gyu and Kwon Min close relationship is also makes fans things of them as (another) emergency couple.


The music is as good as the drama. Putting indie band like 3rd coast and their attractive song as opening title music is brilliant. The other original soundtrack is also good to hear.  Especially The Way We Loved byPark Sihwan. I prefer Scent of a Flower by Choi Jin Hyuk than Lim Jeong Hee version.


There are a lot of scenes that can be my favorite. But I decide to choose just 3 scenes.
(Episode 9)

My first favorite scene is has to be when Changmin finally realize his jealousy towards Oh Jin Hee and Chief Gook. He expresses that burning feelings to Jin Hee up on the rooftop. The location, background view, cinematography, Chang Min’s line and expression are what make this my favorite scenes. It’s just flawless!

(Episode 13)

My second favorite scene is where Oh Chang Min reminisce their lovely times as a couple when he gave her a wedding dress while celebrating their anniversary. They really look like a real couple in this scene. The way they act is so natural. Feels like they are the true lovey-dovey couple. Really love Oh Chang Min’s expression in this scene. When he smiles, his eyes look smaller, and it’s cute.

(Episode 15)

My third favorite scene is where the Mother In Laws met for the first time and have  a big fight in hospital. Their fight seems so real. It also explains that both families have their hurting feeling towards each other and the reason why Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee can’t unite. Baby Gook’s cries make this scene more tangible. His expression and Gwang Soo’s confusion completes the scene.


Finally, I will put 9 out of 10 for Emergency Couple.

“Don’t look for answers. Right and wrong answers co-exist in every decision. Wise people make a choice and make it the right answer. Foolish people regret the decision and make it the wrong decision. There is no right answer in life. There is only the process to make it the right answer.” – Oh Jin Hee (Emergency Couple)

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