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[K-Drama Review] I Need Romance 2 (2012)

Already finished watching this series since couple of weeks ago, but just be able to write the review today. Compares to I Need Romance, I Need Romance 2 doesn’t really has much different. Maybe the cast is fresher and good looking, but from the story I prefer I Need Romance. But this series is still interesting to watch if you like light comedy romantic theme to watch on a spare time. I used to have a crush to Kim Ji Suk since watching him for the first time in Personal Taste. He showed his different charm in this series. Can’t wait to watch him more on Angel Eyes, which by the way i’m currently watching right now.


start of a romance
I Need Romance 2 tell a story of an on-off couple Joo Yeol Mae (Jung Yu Mi) and Yoon Seok Hyun (Lee Jin Wook) who has been living under the same roof since they were kids after their father passed away. Because of living together, they became close until they’re realizing their other feelings and start to have a serious relationship in high school. They face many changes in their life, when Yeol Mae lost her mom and Yoon Seok Hyun little sister, Yoon Gi Hyun (Kim Sae Ron) has a disease that caused her and Seok Hyun’s mother to move to the village. Along problems coming out on their life, Joo Yeol Mae and Yoon Seok Hyun keep their relationship tight. 

start of (new) romance

But when Yoon Seok Hyun refuses to be married, Joo yeol Mae decide to break it off with him. Heartbroken and still have a feeling left for Seok Hyun, Yeol Mae met Shin Ji Hoon (Kim Ji Suk), who has a crush on her when she was young. Shin Ji Hoon’s kindness and persistence to be with Yeol Mae slowly heals her and make her forget about Seok Hyun. 

What Yeol Mae doesn’t know is that all this time Seok Hyun always longing for her and when he realize that she’s not around anymore, he start to chase her one more time.


I find this series interesting more because of the good looking cast. I’m not saying that I Need Romance has an ugly cast, they have Choi Jin Hyuk, so enough said. What I’m saying is that the lead actor and lead actress in this series are having a lot more charm and not too old? Yeah, maybe something like that. The colorings and setting in this series also more bright and playful than I Need Romance. 
favorite scenes.
2nd favorite scenes.
Really love Joo Yeol Mae – Yoon Seok Hyun house and Shin Ji Hoon’s coffee shop. Even though I prefer I Need Romance for the love story and the bond between the ladies, I Need Romance 2 also has a slight of cute romantic scenes and silly love act along with meaningful lines.

However, the sub plots are not too interesting for me. I prefer I Need Romance sub plots, than this one. Maybe because the male cast is not too stand out and doesn’t have enough charisma. It’s different with I Need Romance’s sub plots that have many good looking guys.


Like the previous series, I Need Romance 2 also has a similar story which focuses on how middle age woman looking for romance in her life. What’s different is the way the lead actor and actress confess their feelings for each other. I Need Romance 2 have more of a playful side of love and cute acts. It’s not just between the lead actor and actress, but between the lead actress and second lead actor. I find myself smiling foolishly watching their cuteness. The writer somehow succeeds to pulling through another side of unconditional love among the casts. That’s one of the reasons why I Need Romance is having a good story.

On the other hand, the relationship between the girls is not as strong as what they showed in I Need Romance. I find the gang here is lack of bond and the writer is focusing more on the love complication between them. But, Yoon Seok Hyun involvement in the gang is quite refreshing and clarify that they’re already considering him as a family.


 This is the first time I watch Jung Yu Mi’s act. While I’m looking through her dramawiki, i notice that she’s the “Slipper Girl” from Reply 1994. I find her really pretty and cute. She portrays a good character of Joo Yeol Mae, who spoiled, clumsy, and loving Yoon Seok Hyun until forever. The way she communicate with Yoon Seok Hyun is really natural and makes viewers belive that both of them grown up together. I always love the scenes where she and him are eating together and talking about their days, it almost looks like they’re the married couple who been married for  a long time. But anyway, I’d like to see her more in romantic comedy production after watching this.

The same with Jung Yu Mi, this is also my first time watching Lee Jin Wook. Man, he’s gorgeous! There is something about him who so captivated. I don’t know if it’s the way he talks, stand, or smile. Maybe his smile. Yes, I think his smile. When he’s smile, I felt my lips smile together with him. Especially when he makes cat sound. OH MY GOD! Anyway, above his perfection and all, his acting is pretty believable. He can turns from a cold guy into a sweet and caring man for Joo Yeol Mae. He also manage to hide his feelings which makes viewers confuse either he likes Yeol Mae or not until the very end of the series. This is definitely not going to be the last series I watch from him.

Kim Ji Suk! Been loving this guy from Personal Taste’s time. His manly voice and exotic skin make him a dreamy guy for sure. Unlike his bad guy role in Personal Taste, he plays a sweet and lovable guy in this series, which make me love him even more! He portrays the faithful lover who willing to give Yeol Mae anything even though he has to hurt later. His smile also not loses to Lee Jin Wook’s smile in this series.  Is it just me or is him really looks like HaHa in tall and darker skin version? Even his voice sounds the same. Anyhoo, I’m currently watching his latest series “Angel Eyes” now. I hope he will be giving a good image like what he shows in this one.


The OST is as sweet as the series. My favorite songs goes to I Could Give You by Lasse Lindh and Only You by 10cm. Both songs are addictive and depict the love story perfectly. Oh, and the opening title song Waru Waru by Han Suji also nice to hear!


Finally, I will put 8,5 out of 10 for this one.

“The opposite word for love isn’t hate or dislike. The opposite word for love is I loved you.” – Joo Yeol Mae (I Need Romance 2)

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