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[K-Drama Review] I Need Romance 3 (2014)

This drama is another reason why I should not put my expectation high on something. Not that I disappointed with I Need Romance 3, I just think that it’s  a bit overrated and it’s not as good as I think it would be. I still fall for I Need Romance series, but unfortunately I don’t fall too hard for this one. Still, there are some aspects I adore. But above three of them, this one has the least print in my heart. 


I Need Romance 3 tell a story about a middle age woman name Shin Joo Yeon (Kim So Yeon) who already did not believe in the world of love after dumped by 5 men in her previous life. After breaking up with the fifth men, Shin Joo Yeon decided that she won’t involve in love anymore and consider everyone as a stranger. On the same time, her childhood friend, Joo Wan (Sung Joon) came to Korea after being a success musician and composer with the name Allen Joo. Since old days Joo Wan has hidden feeling for Shin Joo Yeon and decided to go back to Korea to reach for her love. Unfortunately, Shin Joo Yeon does not consider him as a man. She stills see Joo Wan as a kid who 6 years old younger than her and looks like ‘Sweet Potato’. Meanwhile Shin Joo Yeon met her old time competitor, Oh Se Ryong (Wang Ji Won), that reminds her of her past scars. Apparently, Oh Se Ryong is the ex-girlfriend of Shin Joo Yeon boss, Kang Tae Yoon (Namgung Min). Suddenly, Joo Yeon’s life turn into a rollercoaster ride when Joo Wan moved in with her and  when she realize that her cold feeling towards love is because she buried her love for someone which she never realized before.


When Shin Joo Yeon, Joo Wan, Kang Tae Yoon, and Oh Se Ryong struggle with their complicated love life and work, Joo Yeon’s co-worker in office also starting a new relationship, which also full of twists and turns. Shin Joo Yeon’s bes friend and senior, Lee Min Jung (Park Hyo Joo) has to face the fact that she’s pregnant after having a sex-only relationship with the guy she barely knew. Meantime, Shin Joo Yeon’s junior, Jung Hee Jae (Yoon Seung Ah), who always fight on her relationship with unemployed man suddenly kissed by her co-worker Lee Woo Young (Park Yong Hwan). Not be able to broke up with her current boyfriend, Jung Hee Jae slowly grows feeling for Lee Woo Young who always taking care of her.


The reason why I watch I Need Romance series from the first time is because people had been saluting INR3. But I don’t know why, I still think INR3 lack a lot of things if you compare them with INR or INR2. On some aspects, INR3 maybe better than the other two, but still, I felt a bit disappointed with the so-called INR3. But anyway, I’m not going to boo-ing this series, since I’m a fan of INR series. I do think the reason why this drama is not giving the same vibe for me is could be because of the storyline which happen so slowly yet end so quickly.

For example is when Shin Joo Yeon suddenly realizes her feeling for Joo Wan in an instant and decide to start something with him. I lost the sparks there. I think the writer could extend a little more stories on how Joo Yeon realize that she felt something outside familiarity to Joo Wan and finally unite together as a couple. Shin Joo Yeon short and meaningless relationship with Kang Tae Yoon also seemed a bit unimportant. If the reason why she hurt and cold with her past relationship is because she love Kang Tae Yoon, doesn’t she supposed to give everything and happy in that relationship? But she’s not. So it’s a bit absurd for me. 

Oh and maybe this is the first time I hate the main character. I really hate Shin Joo Yeon characteristic. She’s the type of girl who I really hate in real life if she does exist. The reason is simply because she’s so unstable and considers Joo Wan as her puppet who she can came to anytime she like and has to be there for her if she feel sad despite her relationship with Kang Tae Yoon. Pick one! Joo Wan is too precious to be treated that way.

Whilst has many things I don’t like, still, INR3 still has some sweet acts between many cast who success in making me smile foolishly while watching it. Joo Wan’s gesture for Shin Joo Yeon in particular is probably one of the sweetest acts a man can give to his woman. Every time he says “Dangshin”, my heart melted away. I’m also the fan of INR3 sub-plot. Maybe INR3 has the best sub-plot out of INR & INR2. The sub-plot is cute yet mature at the same time. Another thing I have to salute from this series is might be the wardrobe or fashion. Maybe because they work in a home shopping channel and dealing with artist plus Style Director, but the fashion and clothes they’re wearing is not a joke. It makes me want to shop right away.


Maybe the writer want to bring something new in the table and decide to tell the different love story and a confusion of one middle age woman about love. It quite interesting story. The beginning of the series when Joo Wan told how he grows feeling for Joo Yeon and his comeback to Korea is pulling viewer (or in this case, me) to watch more story about these two person. The fact that the writer tells the tale from Joo Wan’s viewpoint is another distinction from ither drama. True that INR and INR2 also has lead male’s viewpoint. But this series emphasize Joo Wan’s viewpoint more than the lead woman.

How a writer dares to follow a love story with the big age gap is also something bold and fresh enough. Since I haven’t watched a lot of Korean drama who pair lead character with big age gap. So thumbs up for bringing something different and refreshing.

But maybe this kind of story is not my favorite one, since I don’t really support on a big age gap relationship. Although on some point, it still has cute and sweet scene that depict INR signature. Like I said before, Joo Wan and few characters on sub-plot bringing something I like to call perfect seasoning to complete the story.

Few surprising extras in the beginning of the series are another plus point from INR3. It’s nice to see some familiar faces in dramas. The character of each extra which is funny and quite the same with their real character certainly laughable.

The gang in this series is not as close as what INR and INR2 used to tell. Maybe the writer want to emphasize the fact that Shin Joo Yeon is really doesn’t have any close friend around her. But on some point, the bond between New Brand Team is strong, even though in real life they’re not as close as they are in office.

The ending somehow makes me disappointed. It’s not that the ending is not like what I want to be, but if only a writer put something sweeter or even spellbinding to the couples, it will be more magnificent. But maybe the reason why the writer not doing it because she want to keep it realistically, since it has been INR style since long ago.


All hail Kim So Yeon! I might hate her on Two Weeks or hate her character in this series, but she’s doing her job perfectly. She portrays the exact cold and workaholic yet immature woman when she’s dealing with her loved one. I just realize that she has a perfect body figure, maybe because she doesn’t shows many in Two Weeks. I’d like to see her drama more. Maybe she has to play in romantic comedy drama more, because her role as a prosecutor in Two Weeks is still not satisfied enough, different with this one.

Sung Jong is indeed charming. No wonder Suzy like to spend her time with him. He’s not handsome, but he has some charisma that can make rolled over for him. Quite like Lee Seung Gi maybe. His character in this series is the best! I wish someone like him is existing in real world and become my life partner. Anyway, Sung Joon is a pretty promising actor, although he’s not as good as his fellow model-turned-actor friend, Kim Woo Bin. He should explore more character and role to be played in his next drama, therefore he will be a strong competitor to the other actors.

Wang Ji Won! I love this girl. If this is the first time I hate the female lead character, maybe this is also the first time I love the second female lead character (which by the way is a witch) than the female lead. Wang Ji Won has a cool and amazing role as Oh Se Ryong in this one. This is my second time watching her drama after web mini-series ‘Another Parting’. She’s not showing a lot in Another Parting, but in here, she shows that she’s a strong contender and a future star. Her flawless face and body match well with her acting skill. She’s the badass female character. I see her as CL 2NE1 in drama world. I’d like to see her more. Maybe she will fit in some detective or thriller drama. I really love her fashion by the way, she always showed good sense of fashion, either in here or Another Parting.

Namgung Min played a typical second male lead character. I can’t say much about him because he shows an ok acting from my perspective. His face on the other side remind me of Kwangee ZE:A. I know he’s more charming and good looking than Kwanghee, but their resemblance is hard to resist. Anyway, I’m currently watching his latest drama, ‘Wild Chives and Soybean Soup: 12 Years Reunion’, maybe I will be able to say more about him after watching his acting there.


The music is in INR3 the best out of 3 series. Like other INR series, INR3 also equip themselves with various foreign songs. From the very beginning, my ears already spoiled with Peu A Peu by Peppermoon. Another original song I love is Now and Foreverby Jo Jung Hee. But my favorite must be Love Story 1 & 2 by Park Min Ha andMiyo. The song is so sweet and depicts the relationship between two leads perfectly. The opening title song, Love Me Do by Miyo also really catchy and great.


My first favorite scene is where Shin Joo Yeon drops off Joo Wan at his hotel. The time when Joo Wain said “Dangshin, stay safe.” Is my favorite. The way he said that and his gaze to Joo Yeon is really shows that he’s care for her and won’t let anything hurt her in the future. That was the reason why I love this scene.

The other scenes that I love is where Joo Yeon finally open her heart for little Wan. It happens in the sauna. The scene where Joo Wan back hug her and she grab his thumb while sleeping. It is simple, but really meaningful. This scene is another heart fluttering scene without even has to shows their intimate kiss. I don’t know until then that thumb-grabbing is also sweet.


Finally, i will put 8,5 out of 10 for this one.

“If you were in love with someone, if you were receiving someone’s love you would be a person who cherished memories a little more.” – Joo Wan (I Need Romance 3)


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