Saturday, April 19, 2014

[Editorial] I Need Romance: The Comparison

The idea of making this post is actually came in the middle of watching I Need Romance 3. From my perspective, all of INR series has each specialties and strength that are hard to distinguish from one to another. So, I ask myself ‘Why not compare it and decide who the winner?’ that is why I make this post.

ps. It came from my personal taste, so if anyone think the answer is not right, it’s ok ;)

I will divide the comparison into 10 sections, which basically based on every aspect from the drama itself. Here we go~


I would have to say the original I Need Romance is the winner, when it comes to the PLOT or STORYLINE. INR 1 has the best plot that depicts the real reason of why they need something called Romance in life. The love story and complication of 10 year on-off relationship between Sunwoo In Young and Kim Sung Soo is always the best one for me.


I’m torn between Jung Hee Jae-Lee Woo Young or Kang Hyun Joo-Kim Deok Soo relationship story as the best SUB-PLOT. But Jung Hee Jae-Lee WooYoung cute yet silly relationship is the winner at last. To be honest, when watching I Need Romance 3, their story is even more interesting than the main lead story for me. They’re just too cute to be ignored!


The best gesture here refers to any cute act delivered by each character to shows their true feeling to their loved ones. The winner is certainly ‘I Need Romance 2’. My favorite gesture of all INR series is when Shin Ji Hoon brought Joo Yeol Mae patbingsu in the middle of the night just when she said she want to eat them. What Shin Ji Hoon make for Joo Yeol Mae the rest (make Yeol Mae Patbingsu, bought her a bicycle, etc.) is one of the sweetest act a man can do.


The best sisterhood or bond between the characters goes to I Need Romance. The bond between Sun Woo In Young, Park Seo Yeon, and Kang Hyeon Joo is unquestionably the best sisterhood this series ever made. They really look like a real family.


The Best Lines goes to I Need Romance 2. This second series of INR has many meaningful lines that blown my heart away. Each line delivered by each character success left a print in my heart. Some lines are even makes me smile in agreement.


Hello good-looking faces! Without a doubt, I Need Romance 2 is the best when it came to the best Cast. It’s a personal choice from me, because rather than judge them by the acting point, I’m actually judging them by the face. Well, not entirely to be honest. Some of the cast on I Need Romance 2 also shows a good act.


The winner is once again, I Need Romance 2. Love the colorings of this series. It is bright and sometime dim; portray the exact situation of how the love life of Joo Yeol Mae – the main lead – has.


Fourth in a row, I Need Romance 2 wins it. Joo Yeol Mae- Yoon Seok Hyun’s house is the winner of three main lead houses. I even consider this house as my future house. The other set I love from I Need Romance 2 is Shin Ji Hoon’s cafe and his room upstairs.


The best original soundtrack goes to I Need Romance 3. The music from this series is left the most print in my head. I can’t stop singing and rhyming songs from this series. Especially ‘Love Story 2’ by Park Min Ha. Love love love.


The winner is definitely I Need Romance 3. The fact that the main lead work at the home shopping channel and work with a style director is the exact answer why they’re wearing such a fashionable clothes and rule out INR & INR2 fashion/ wardrobe.

There you go. My personal judgment of I Need Romance series.

Toodle loo~

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