Wednesday, April 9, 2014

[MUSIC] Eddy Kim

Hola! I’m back again with some music review. I don’t have any drama/ movie review for today. I choose music instead. It happens coincidentally when I’m strolling around Loen Entertainment YouTube channel, which by the way already changed to 1theK. I found this amazing singer, Eddy Kim. Turns out he’s a new artist from MYSTIC89 and a SUPERSTAR K4 finalist. This is also my first time read about MYSTIC89. Apparently that agency belongs to Yoon Jong Shin, which I known as the comedian, since I watch him at Family Outing, but turns out he’s a singer and songwriter. Now my wonders why he always showed up as a judge in some talent show is vanish.

Anyway, i really love Eddy Kim’s music. It’s light and easy to hear. Unlike other Kpop music, his music has a Hollywood jazzy feels. He always pronounces the English words well. His looks remind me of Jaejoong JYJ and Changmin 2AM. If Jaejoong and Changmin got married, maybe their son is Eddy Kim. The fact that he also plays guitar makes me love him even more. Guy with a guitar and soulful voice is always sexy in my eyes. I’m still strolling along his music now. But by far, I’m already fall for his two songs, 2 Years Apart & Manual. 

You can watch & hear his music here.

Can’t wait to hear more from him. Keep up the good work Eddy-shi!

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