Friday, May 16, 2014

[MV Review] EXO - Overdose

My second post of the day! Consider this as my redemption, since I’m not posting anything on this blog since few weeks ago. 

Anyway, I decided on putting some thought on EXO – Overdose. I know it is  waayyyy too late to be commenting about the MV now, mainly because of shocking thing happen to this fabulous group. The leaving of Kris, is indeed shocking and kinda a reminder of how Super Junior losing Han Geng on their prime time. It makes me wonder though, if EXO is really the incarnation of the soon-to-be legend Suju. But this sad news is not the main topic on this post. As the title and a label, I would focus to talk about the Oversdose MV.

So, at first I thought SM would make something different for the most-awaited comeback. But daaa it turns out to be like any other EXO MV, or even SM’s artist MV. The different is maybe on the camera technic, which I love btw. But the studio concept, dance, coloring, is pretty the same with Wolf, I think. Maybe Overdose is way darker. I wish SM would put some story on the MV, since they already has enough prove of how EXO members are amazing dancers (most of them). But no, Mr. Lee Soo Man chose to (not) upgrade his gold-child performance and make the same concept all over again.

Few changes on the hair style and colors are quite refreshing. But still, it’s not enough.

Even though disappoint with the lack of concept, I find myself taking a sight on another member, which I don’t like before. On Overdose, my favorite member are Lay and Xiumin (Chanyeol is definitely still the number one, those two just blown me away on the MV). Lay is looking more handsome, I don’t know what they did to him, but he looks skinnier and good looking. On other hand, Xiumin is showing his manly side. I’ve already fall for him when watching EXO Showtime, but I love him even more now. He’s definitely my style!

RATE: 7,5/10

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