Monday, October 27, 2014

Running Man Fanmeeting “Race Start Season 2 in Jakarta”

Saturday, October 25th is definitely one of the best days I’ve ever had. Meeting Running Man members once again and able to see them dance, sing, and playing games right in front of my eyes is a remarkable thing.

Anyway, my story on getting the ticket for this fanmeeting is pretty exceptional (I think). I’m always at dilemma on whether I have to buy the ticket or not. Luckily, the promoter of the event Munial Sport Group is conducting a quiz to get free VIP ticket. The quiz, however, is not easy. In order to obtain the free ticket, we have to take a selfie with celebrity, athlete, announcer, hence public figure, while holding sign pic #RaceStartSeason2inJKT. Fortunately I have a good friend who works in television station and would like to help me to get a picture with few Indonesian celebrities. I spend day by day chasing those celebrities while carrying my black board (yes people, I make my own sign pic in a black board). Short story, thanks to my friend and the celebrities who help me and especially for the promoter who conducted such an amazing quiz, I won the free ticket.

Move on to the night of the century (yes, it is), Race Start Season 2 in Jakarta is unquestionably the night I will not forget. Though it’s only five of seven members of Running Man who are present that night, the night is still amazing.

Thanks to the amazing promoter, the event starts on time (which is really rare to happen, especially here, in Indonesia) at 7.30 p.m. They open up the night through a VCR that playing member profile one by one on a special My Love from Another Star theme. Right after the VCR stops playing, five members of Running Man, HaHa, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo, and Kim Jong Kook are up on stage. Wearing all black outfit, the members are singing the drama ost, You’re My Destiny. Ji Suk Jin is shockingly having a good voice, I must say, while the rest of the members are (ehm) not so much, except Kim Jong Kook of course. 


As soon as the song is over, they’re bowing 190 degree to the audience and greet them nicely. Ji Suk Jin is trying out his Bahasa skill when saying, “Selamat malam Indonesia,” which means “Good night Indonesia,” while HaHa keep saying “Mantap”, which means “Awesome”

The event continues with Q&A session. When asked what makes him popular, Lee Kwang Soo answers it’s due to his sexiness and cuteness. However, when he had to choose which one is better, Lee Kwang Soo said that his sexiness is the main reason of his popularity.

Move on to Kim Jong Kook, the MC asks what makes him attractive. The ‘Muscle’ man then answers that it is his eyes. Kookie then take off his black eyeglasses and showing off his beautiful eyes.

The ‘Ace’ Song Ji Hyo is looking really beautiful with her casual outfit that night. Funny thing happen when the MC asks between 6 running man male members, which one she picks as the weakest. HaHa who is sitting beside Ji Hyo then get up and ask Ji Suk Jin to walk with him to the corner of the stage.

After the Q&A session, the member change their clothes and getting ready to play games with fifteen lucky fans who won the lucky draw. They play several Running Man signature games. What makes me envy is that they’re able to hug the members and take a picture together T.T But nevertheless, I’m happy for them.

Anyhow, after the game is over, the Running Man members are having an individual performance, starting from ‘The Race Starter’ Ji Suk Jin. He sings Eru’s song, Black Glasses. Wangko hyung has a beautiful voice. I don’t see him struggle at all during the entire songs, he also still able to interact with the audience.

Following Ji Suk Jin is his fellow Easy Brothers member, Lee Kwang Soo. Okay, his performance is definitely the most shocking performance, I think. Never thought our Giraffe will turn into a real man than can makes girls’ heart flutter. Lee Kwang Soo (or should I say Prince Kwangsoo?) start his performance by playing a piano intro of drama “Stairway to Heaven” soundtrack, Bo Go Ship Da. Yes people, he (really) is playing a piano! And it’s not making me want to slap him (like what Yoo Jaesuk did in episode 208) at all! My jaw is literally dropping when seeing him on stage. He’s truly like an Asian Prince in that condition. And his voice is shockingly good too. However, he’s not playing it full, he only playing an intro (or is it someone else? I’m not sure, but he looks cool either way).  He continues his “sweet” performance by giving roses to the audience.

 Later that night, Song Ji Hyo is singing her “Emergency Couple” soundtrack, Scent of a Flower and continues with Leessang’s Turn off the TV, with Kim Jong Kook and HaHa wearing Kang Gary mask. 

The collaboration continues with Easy Brothers version of Troublemaker. Lee Kwang Soo is one sexy giraffe when he shows some of his skin by wearing a sexy leopard dress, while Ji Suk Jin can’t fool his age even though he wears white wig and edgy clothes.

Later on, Kim Jong Kook is showing his overflowing charisma when he sang One Man and Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning, before HaHa transform the night into a Reggae night.


Dream’s dad is singing some of his popular reggae songs, including Rosa. One lucky fan who is pregnant succeed in making everyone jealous when HaHa asks her to go up on stage and serenade her in reggae-style.

If Lee Kwang Soo is showing some heart-melting performance, HaHa is showing energetic performance when he jumps all around the stage with his dancer. I’m not a reggae fan, but I think I will listen more to reggae songs after looking at his performance.

Soon after his reggae performance, Kim Jong Kook is joining HaHa on the stage to sing one of his popular Turbo songs, Twist King.

As soon as Twist King is over, all Running Man members are present on stage and say goodbye to their Indonesian fans. All members said they’re thankful and moved by fans’ response and reaction. They’re then taking a selfie with all audience.

Closing up the night, members are singing Kim Jong Kook’s song, Loveable, while dancing around the stage. The audience who seems to remember the lyrics is singing with them and shouts out loud on the “Saranghae!” part.

The members then do a big bow (which is really moved me, I mean come on, they’re Running Man and they’re ON THEIR KNEES in front of the audience. Yes, their forehead is touching the ground!! Aren’t they amazing??) and once again say thanks.

But the night is not over yet, the members then singing 2PM’s Hands Up as their encore song. The confetti is out and marks the end of the night. After the song is over, Running Man member still saying thank you to their fans while walking out the stage.

So..that’s it. That’s what approximately happens that night. And from that night I made a promise to myself to learn Korean and save more, therefore if they’re coming again to Indonesia next year I’ll be able to buy the most expensive ticket and take a selfie with them, aamiin!

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