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[K-Variety Show Review] KBS' I Am a Man (2014)

I am a Man is the latest reality show produced by KBS. The concept is basically talk show about men's life (the difficulties, hobbies, preference, love, etc) hosted by five MCs with several guests and audience (in the studio) as its main character. The latter is the interesting part of this show.  

The show is not only inviting male audience to watch the show and claps their hands every time FD ask them to, but the show is inviting (mostly) male audience to take a part in the show and discuss the theme with the MCs and guests. At the ending of the show, the production team usually picks the best audience that represents the theme or they (the production team) conduct a special event or competition that also represents the theme and awards the lucky audience with prize. 
The five MCs who host the show are:

Yoo Jae Suk

Do I need to explain more about this wonderful ahjussi? I don’t think so. I believe every Kpopers must know this lovely man. Known as National MC, Yoo Jae Suk is the main MC in this show. I think the production team wants the show to success by putting Yoo Jae Suk in the center place. Well, let’s hope the magic of Yoo Hyuk will lead this show to a success story, like his other shows.

Lim Wonhui

This is his first reality show. Lim Wonhui is an actor. The one and only his drama I've watched is ‘You’re All Surrounded’. He acts well, I guess. Unlike his role at the drama (which is stubborn, cocky, and always kiss his boss’s ass), he’s so adorable and awkward in this show. Since this is his first reality show, he seem nervous and mostly in silence. Yoo Jae Suk and other MCs always making fun of him and his red ears (yes, every time he’s ashamed, his ears always getting red, adorable right?). However, as the shows goes, he seem more enjoying his place as the MCs and talks more.

Kwon Ojung

My second favorite MCs of the show!! I don’t know that he’s so sexy and charming in person. After saw him the first time in “Arang and the Magistrate” drama, I never put my expectation high of him. He seems ordinary in the series. But in here, oh my, he looks like he can compete with Oh Ji Ho! Yes, he’s as sexy as Mr. Karl! There’s something mature and appealing about the way he looks. And he’s funny too, which is a plus plus point for a man. On his MC-ing skill, I think he’s okay. He can handle Yoo Jae Suk’s superior MC skill as well as Jang Dong Min’s sharp words. His naughty thought is his signature style on the show. I’m always waits more of him on the show, I hope that this is not his last show and he will appear more in the reality show. This guy deserves it!

Jang Dongmin

A funny guy with a funny face. Jang Dong Min has a mean-guy role on this show. He always being mean to everyone on the show. Apparently that’s his trademark. However, audiences love this guy. He always gets support and audience constantly claps their hands for Dong Min. Although there is a time when they (audience) boo-ing him.

Heo Gyeonghwan

I’d like to say that he is the visual of the show. You know, like visuals in a boy group, the one with a pretty face. He is exactly like those visuals (in this show). Unfortunately, unlike any visual in the boy group which usually shines the most, Gyeonghwan is the least shining on the show. Sure, he is funny and stuff. But he’s not as good as other MC. The fact that audience always boo-ing him also makes him more desperate. I wish he will do more and not push aside every time, because he really is a funny guy. 

Honorable Mention

 Noh Hongchul

Noh Hongcul hosted the pilot episode but unfortunately KBS decides to air the show on the same slot as Hongchul’s show ‘I Live Alone’ in another broadcasting station. He chose to dedicate to his ILA show and leave ‘I am A Man’. Noh Hongchul’s departure is the arrival of Kwong Ojung on the show.

Unlike other KBS’ reality show production, I am A Man set their targets to only air 20 episodes in the first season. The continuation of the show depends on viewers’ rating and share. 


So far, I’m hooked by this  production. Actually, I don’t really like the pilot episode with Suzy and Siwan as their guests. I must say the concept is a bit blurry and the MCs have yet to create strong impression and communicates well with each other. They seem a bit awkward. It’s normal of course for the pilot episode since few of them have not met each other before or even working together. However, when I jump to the recent episode, it’s getting more interesting. The bonds between the MCs are getting stronger and they seem smoother and comfort with each other when they mocks one another.

Concepts and themes of each episode are also getting funnier. Frankly, I like male guest more than female guest. It’s stressing the objective of the show, which is a show about a man, from man, and by man. Male guests also seem connect more with the audience and MCs. 

I am a man is another good show from KBS (I think). Though it's lack of clear concept and comedy in the early episode, it is still getting more interesting through times. The fact that the MCs are bonding with the audience and how the show makes their audience as the main character are the reason why this show is interesting.

I hope the production team of this show will keep up their good work and remains strong in the original concept without changing it too much.


8,5 out of 10

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