Thursday, March 19, 2015

[MV Review] 4minute - Crazy

Another MV-Review post! 
I’m having a shortage of ideas to post anything about k-drama now and since I made a promise to myself to (at least) post one or two writings on my blog per week, I decided to write this post.

Have you heard this new song from 4minute? If you have not heard it yet then I suggest you to heard it immediately. This song is really addicting. I fall for this song since the first time I listen to it. 4minute-Crazy really swept my mind from all of the EXID-Up & Down euphoria. Yes people, I believe this song will brush off Up & Down from its mighty position.  Crazy’s dance is not as pornographic as Up & Down, the lyrics also not as sensual as EXID’s number. Those were two of the reasons why I love Crazy.

Interestingly, I listen a bit of YG/G-Dragon/2NE1-tune in the song. I don’t know if it because of its badass concept or anything, but still, I feel like I enjoy this because it has a sense of YG.

Before the review I would like to talk about the group concept first. I don’t really know 4minute. Sure I knew few of their songs, but I don’t know each member’s name before I watch this MV and their appearance on the latest Weekly Idol. Yet, I know that badass is not their concept. I’m a bit disappointed with this because the group is not consistent with their concept and changing it to make it more interesting for music enthusiasts and the market. Maybe that is the reason I always love 2NE1, because they stick to their concept and they’re not changing it to satisfy the market.

Anyway, the MV is as badass as the song. 

Let’s review it from the costume first, shall we? The costume (white and black) already portrays that this MV will not be as sweet or cute as other 4minute MVs. However, they still not forget to give a sexy glimpse on each member’s wardrobe. The first costume, which is white is really resembling Big Bang, I think. I don’t really remember, but I think I see this kind of costume in one of Big Bang MVs (or performance). Well, I don’t really remember, but still, it has a YG vibe. The second costume, the black one, is the one that I like. It shows that they’re woman after all and still want to expose their sexiness. 

As for the dance, I think it is as good as the song itself. It is super energetic and fiery. As what I said before, I don’t really know all 4minute members, except for Hyuna (well, who doesn’t?), but I really love Jiyoon in this MV. Is she the dancing machine of the group? Her dance is so good it can make me cry. Really love the agency/choreographer’s decision to put her at the center of group formation. 

Move on to the concept, I don’t think that the MV has a clear concept except for the energetic dance because I don’t see any story or model in this one. I think the director want to focus on the group’s dance and their beauty. Oh, and i love the coloring of this MV, which is black and white.

 Regarding to each member’s performance, I think it pretty balance. Unlike previous 4minute’s MVs and songs, Crazy really fairly divides each member’s part. For the first time, it’s not all about Hyuna. The fact that they put Jiyoon at the center of group formation is proving that the agency has moved on from Hyuna-centered concept.

Oh and is it just me or Hyuna is really the female version of G-Dragon? I used to think that CL is the female version of GD but after seeing her performance in this MV, I realize that she is really similar to the grand Kwon Jiyoung. She is known as one of the sexiest female idol, she raps, and she also has tiny yet sexy body, just like GD! Anyway, it’s just my perspective. 

RATE: 8/10

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