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Expecting: Warm and Cozy a.k.a Jeju Island Gatsby

I’ve already mentioned about how happy I am with k-drama lineup in the second quarter of this year, right? I’ve also blog some of the expectations and early verdicts about the second quarter dramas. Now I would like to write the same thing. This drama is one of the second quarter k-dramas I’m excited about. It’s the Hong Sisters’ drama, Warm and Cozy or Jeju Island Gatsby. For no clear reason, I find Jeju Island Gatsby as more catchy and appealing title, so from now on I would like to mention this drama as Jeju Island Gatsby. Anyway, I never really know about how amazing and magnificent Hong Sisters’ works are until I put myself into the wonderful world of a k-drama enthusiasts. And now, since I’ve learned about the fact that these amazing sisters often stood behind some of the popular k-dramas, I’m getting more and more excited to watch their upcoming dramas.


This drama is about a romance story between a man and a woman who relocate to beautiful Jeju Island to get away from the harsh city life.

Baek Geun Woo (Yoo Yun Suk) is the owner and chef of the restaurant “Warm and Cozy”. Meanwhile, Lee Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) is a clothing company employee who to start a new life in Jeju Island after loses her job and her boyfriend. These two main characters will learn to love each other.

Main Cast
Yoo Yun Suk as Baek Geun Woo
Kang So Ra as Lee Jung Joo

Production Credits
Director: Park Hong Kyun
Screenwriter: Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2015-May-13 to 2015-July-02

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Isn’t the synopsis above sounds delightful, dreamy and lovely like most of the Hong Sisters’ previous works? It even looks more tempting when I see the list of the cast. It’s Yoo Yun Suk, people! The one who constantly get heartbroken (or broken the heart of) by the female lead in his previous dramas. The forever adorable and gentle Chilbong who all of the Reply 1994 lovers feel sorry for. And one of the prominent second leads who cause the second lead syndrome! And after all of that, he is finally earning himself a leading man spot! Oh what a wonderful k-drama world, right? I’m so happy to see him in the leading man spot of Hong Sisters’ drama. As I mentioned before – about how amazing these sisters are – the fact that Yoo Yun Suk is become the male lead in Jeju Island Gatsby is a big deal for him because if this drama will be as successful as other Hong Sisters’ drama, then he will definitely strip the second-lead predicate of him and enter the marvelous world of a k-drama male lead. Anyway, I will talk about my excitement of Yoo Yun Suk’s leading role in the next passage, now I will talk about one of the main components of the drama first, which is none other than the story.

The story is all about a dream of one girl or more. Leaving your job and breaking up with your boyfriend just to move on a sweet-escape-mission to Jeju Island and to meet a slightly immature and bubbly-handsome-rich man and end up cozying together in a lovey-dovey atmosphere in his warm restaurant is certainly what every girl ever dreamed of in this somewhat cruel and confusing world, right? And again, Hong Sisters brought that story into one of the hopeful k-drama. As much as I love an avant-garde, exceptional and difficult to guessed at-drama, my inner-shallow-fangirl’s mind also tend to love more easily guessed and slightly typical Cinderella-themed k-drama. Jeju Island Gatsby has the feel of the latter. The viewer already knows that the male and female lead will end up together in a coincidental event of life. But still, it is not eliminating the interesting factor of the drama. Mostly because the drama will be filled with beautiful scenery of Jeju Island and Geun Woo’s warm and cozy restaurant as well as surprising love gesture – which  is one of the strong characters of Hong Sisters’ drama.  

Now, let’s talk about the cast. First and foremost is our dearest Yoo Yun Suk! Yoo Yun Suk is the perfect replacement for Kim Woo Bin to become the male lead of the drama, just because he’s as dreamy as Woo Bin is! Based on his versatile acting career, there’s no doubt that he will play the role of Baek Geun Woo successfully. He’s been a nation’s bad boy and the guy you want to slap once then the most adorable second lead and cold King later; playing the role of the immature rich man will be pretty easy for this fella. What’s interesting is that the fact that he will have to portray the role that has a bubbly and immature personality, which (as far as I know) he never played before. So it is exciting to see howhe will depict Baek Geun Woo. And this role will definitely enrich his list of versatile acting. Can’t wait!

The second one on the list is the beautiful and sexy Kang So Ra. Lee Jung Joo is no stranger in the list of characters that Kang So Ra ever played before. Lee Jung Joo in some way has a bit similarity with her previous role, Ahn Young Yi in Misaeng, who also has a stubborn personality and strong look. But who knows what the lady will bring into the role, right? 

As for the production team, I’ve also barely knew that the drama will be directed by Park Hong Kyun, which also happen to be the director of Hong Sisters’ previous work, The Greatest Love. I haven’t watched the drama yet, but from the Sisters’ Wikipedia page, I learned that they earned themselves a Best Screenplay award in 2011 MBC Drama Awards for this drama and the drama also always at the top three rating spot during its airing time, so I hope this team (director and Hong Sisters) will repeat their success and bring Jeju Island Gatsby into fame. 

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