Friday, May 8, 2015

[MV Review] BTS – I Need U

I can’t get myself enough of these beautiful youngsters. I adore BTS. I do. BTS is like the second boy band I devoted to after Big Bang. The fact that BTS has the same vibe and feel like Big Bang is probably the reason behind my love for these Bangtan Boys. And now, they made a comeback only few days before Big Bang, which make me even more excited! But it’s not their comeback or their awesomeness that I would like to write about this time, but my perspective on their latest MV, I Need U. 

Shall we start?

I’m so proud of these boys, I feel like I’m their older sister who can say that “Lil bros, you made it!” This MV is the proof that BTS has finally step up their game and leave the studio-concept or dance-concept MV they used to do before. It’s a perfect metamorphosis from a hurly-burly rookie to a strong young idol. It showed that tough figure, powerful dance and strong rap are not all that they can do. They are also a sensitive teenager who has a broody side and a beautiful ballad feels. I can really see the talent of each member in this MV. The song gave special treatment to not only one member but everyone. Anyway, enough of this lovey-dovey passage and let’s get into the review.

First I would like to talk about the music before getting into the MV. From the music side, I can’t complaint no more, because it’s perfect for me. A strong rap as a prefix, followed by a sweet and tender voice and repeat that pattern all over again is just what the doctor ordered. I also love the melody it played after the reff, it somehow addictive and make me want to hear it over and over again. And I don’t know that V is having a beautiful voice behind his powerful and husky rap. It’s such a pleasure to hear it. 

Now, let’s talk about the real deal, which is the MV itself. I must admit that in line with the music, the MV is started strong. An opening door to somewhere or someone as an opening of something is simply among other things that will attract the viewer to know more about it. I love the coloring of this MV. The bleakness perfectly portrayed the sad-confuse-frustration-happy feeling of these boys in the MV. 

However, I don’t find the suitability between the story of the song and the story of the MV. The song, I Need U, and the reff “I need u girl” is obviously portrayed the frustration of these youngsters and how they really need a girl they love. But the MV is not portraying it. Instead, it portray the title of the boys’  latest album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.1, in which they seems to struggle and upset with their life but forget about it all once they meet their friends and fool around with them.  But after all, it’s just my perspective and interpretation. I don’t know if the director put something that relates to the song that I don’t understand. 

Yet, I still love the MV. The fact that they don’t involve a dance in the MV is showing how they want to break out from their old habit and stick to its new concept (even though they still portraying their magnificent dance in the music show). The selection of the set and the cinematography are other things I adore from this MV. 

The ending in which the member fall asleep after partying hard the night before is such a perfect ending. Jin’s sleeping looks is so adorable! I can’t help myself but repeating that scene over and over again. His angelic sleeping looks is definitely will stay for a long time in my mind as one of the most gorgeous sleeping looks ever! 

RATE: 8.5/10

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