Monday, July 20, 2015

[MV Review] BTS – Dope


It’s probably way too late to review this MV, given the fact that it was released in about three weeks ago, yet, due to my continuous love for this song and MV, I decided to give it a review.

So, shall we start to dive into another of BTS’ most beautiful moments in life?

Let’s go!


I can watch this MV over and over again and listen to the song frequently without getting bored, I guess. Man, they are certainly not disappointing their fans and loyal viewers out there. When I knew that they’re going to release another MV not long after their I Need U, I’m a bit afraid that the MV will not as good as I Need U, since I think they are too hasty to release another MV and the I Need U MV and song is still on a good spot among other k-pop songs at that time. However, (once again), my prediction is wrong. Now, I really think that BTS has everything to be one of the K-pop elites. They’re not a joke, and they surely have a brighter future ahead.

On Music

Moving on to the review, I would like to focus on the music first. As always, their music is addictive. It is not as rough as Boys In Luv and definitely not as fragile as I Need U, but it is nice to hear and it has that BTS’ vibe. I wonder who the man/girl behind their amazing songs is, because they always have that unique melody, which make listeners fall for their song instantly. Like that particular melody in this song that is heard during the reff part. Other than that distinctive melody, the split between the rough rap and soft voice was also done precisely.


As for the music video, like the title of the MV and the song itself, this MV is DOPE. After giving their fans and viewers a glimpse of their sensitivity and maturity in I Need U, BTS is back to their badass concept in this MV. 

The opening scene where Rap Monster as the leader introduced his amazing team and invite the viewers to catch their awesomeness is pretty solid. It is perfect, actually. 

the opening act in Dope, in which Jungkook ready to dominate the space.

the opening act in I Need U in which Suga is desperately need a solace.

If we look back at their opening in I Need U, it also start with the “opening door”, however, the one we see when the door opened in I Need U is these boys vulnerability side, in contrast, in Dope, after RapMon voiced his invitation and as soon as the music start, what the viewers see is their resistance and their domination. Amazing, right?

On Members’ Performance

I gotta say that Jimin is the one that catches my attention the most throughout the MV. Even though I admire DR.JIN so much and want to pet him as soon as he appears with his cute and adorable face expression, Jimin is something in this MV. Maybe it is because his hair color which standout among others? 

For no clear reason, I found Jimin is the real deal in this MV and the part when he sings solo on “This is Bangtan style...” is…somehow…sexy. Little boy, you puzzled me.

Even though Jimin steal the spotlight from other members (in my view), others are still doing a great job. 


Like Jin, for example, who not lose his adorability despite surrounded by rough men (he’s still my number one, after all).

On Story/Concept

Since the MV has no story, at all, so what attractive from this piece is their footwork. Their dance is incredible!! It is so fast, yet they are still in sync. Like their previous dance performances, BTS is also showing a powerful dance in this MV, well except for Jin, I don’t know, I still think that his dance is not as powerful as others.

I’m sorry Jin, but you need to practice more to catch up with the others.

Another thing to put our two thumbs up for the MV is the camera work. Hello, this is one good example of continuous camera work! I particularly admire the camera work in the last minute of the MV, where the camera moves up and down following the rhythm of the song. It’s purrfect!

The fact that the members dressed up differently according to their profession (?) is not making any sense, I think. Why the stylist would dolled them up in different clothes if the MV is not having a story anyway. So, it probably pure for the sake of visual appearance, that probably can make fangirl questioning what would be like if Jimin is really a salary man, or V is a Detective, or J-Hope is a racer, or Jungkook is a police.

Speaking of whom, looking at Jungkook’s appearance as a police, leads my imagination to another level, which I will not say in this passage and leave it to myself, because it is so naughty and bad.

As for the studio concept, the warehouse concept and brick wall are pretty much suit the song and the lyrics, which shows boldness, confidence, and burning passion of these teenage beauties. 

RATE: 8.5/10

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