Monday, September 14, 2015

[Editorial] The Brow-Code!

Is it just me or are these good looking actors are really having more fabulous eyebrow than their respective female co-stars? One thing I’ve been paying attention on during my k-drama-watching-time is how amazing these actors eyebrows are! It’s thick! Well-shaped! And stunning! As if their faces are not enough to bombard viewers’ heart, they’re adding their tremendous eyebrows as an extra.

Below are a number of actors who put on a Brow-Code more than anyone in k-drama land.

Oh Chang Soo – Mask

First and foremost is the cutest assistant/driver/best friend (?)/ sponsor (for a short time) in Mask. It’s Oh Chang Soo everybody! The drama’s lead male assistant succeeded in stealing the spotlight from the leading roles in this drama, thanks to his fantastic eyebrow! Now I knew that a small and cute face also can work a brown, thick, and straight eyebrow off.

Yoo Chang-Soo – High Society

Second Brow-brother is Yoo Chang Soo in High Society. Now, the case of Chang Soo in High Society is a bit different compared to Chang Soo in Mask. I’ve watched Park Hyung Sik’s dramas before this, but I never realized that he has the eyebrow girls can envy of before. Maybe the makeup artist in High Society is the one who explore that side of him? I’m not sure. But with this look, Hyung Sik looks more dazzling and alluring.

Kang Sun Woo – Oh My Ghost

Cheeffffeuuniimmm!! I’m not sure if my verdict on this one can be considered as unprejudiced or not because I’m now in the state of madly in love with Kang Sun Woo chefeunim, and I’m afraid I will only say good thing about him, even though I found one or two bad things on him. But, his eyebrow is among other things I can’t take my eyes off! It’s straight, dark, and suits his Angel-like face perfectly. Saranghaeyo Cheeffeuunimm!!  

Baek Seung Chan – The Producers

Last but not least is the cutest and clumsiest Junior PD every noona want to pet on. It’s Baek Seung Chan ladies and gentleman! Who can spot a bad thing on Kim Soo Hyun? Everything on him is just what the doctor ordered, including his eyebrow. Thanks to Baek Seung Chan’s hairstyle in this drama, I can discover more startling side of Kim Soo Hyun, which is no other than his eyebrow. I never realized before that the actor has a perfect eyebrow. He’s just getting more and more miraculous, doesn’t he?

There you go, my set of The Brow-Code Brothers.

Let us take a moment of silence to appreciate how wonderful their eyebrows are.

Oh, and for the bonus, he may be not the one whose eyebrow girls can envy of, but he’s the one whose eyebrow and gaze girl could die for. It’s the Bro of the Bro, Kim Woo Bin everybody!

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