Monday, October 26, 2015

[Gem of the Week] Superstar K7 Contestants’ Self-Composed Songs

I recently dived into Mnet’s Superstar K7 and found these two amazing self-composed songs from the show’s contestants. I’m officially blown away by how talented Korean youngsters are. They are not only dressed beautifully and stylishly, they also takes their passion seriously. This is probably one of the reasons why I love Korea. Almost all talent show’s contestants in Korea are able to play one or two instruments. They also can write and compose amazing songs, like these two songs for example!

The first song is written and composed by Clara Hong, who by the way was one of the contestants in The Voice USA.

Clara’s self-composed song, Older & Bitter, matches perfectly with my music taste. The lyric is smart, the melody is lovely and Clara’s voice is soothing.

We were young
We weren't wiser
But we were bolder
And we were fools
Thinking that nothing  lived past our town
And now we're  older and we feel a bit bitter  thinking
What's  worth keeping on in this dirty world?
Did I come back too late?
Are we no longer friends?
I'm sorry
Ten years just passed away
I could no longer replace
We were childrens
I wanna go back
and pick on you one last time
One  last time
One last time
We should've  played
Hide and seek one last time
One last time
One last time
We were young
We weren't wiser
But we were bolder
And we were fools
Thinking that nothing lived past our town

Credit to: Ga-In Shin

I’m finding it hard to choose my favorite part of the song, because I totally LOVE the lyric. I think every adult (or at least me) have that moment of wanting to go back to their younger time, when everything seems okay and nothing hold them back. Growing up, I realized that life is getting harder and harder. And for at least one last time, I wish I can go back to my childhood time.

I’ve been repeating the song over and over again and have yet to be bored with this one.

The second song is written and composed by Park So Eun.

Park So Eun’s self-composed song, Dark Moon, is a sentimental song that makes me cry as soon as I learned the lyric.

Mr.Moon, you know what?
When I was a little bit younger,
I was very happy in my parent's' arms
Mr.Moon, why?
Mom started crying soundlessly one day
and it rained every day in our home
When it was an unusually sunny day,
my dad told that he was leaving
Dad told me,
who was almost ready to cry,
to make a promise with him
The day the Geumeumdal rises for the 100th time,
I will comeback so please wait
Today is the day the Geumeumdal rises for the 100th time,
but why isn't my dad coming back?
I actually knew it from the beginning
that the promise he made that day is a lie
Mom sometimes cry looking out the window
I really hate my dad

Credit to: DaDA6870

I can’t stand stories/songs/movies/dramas/etc about parents and pets, because I will cry at once. And this song hit me instantly. Everyone who lost their father when they were still young will definitely relate to the song. I lost my father five years ago and it is still hard for me until now.

The lyric is so heartbreaking and So Eun’s voice portrays the meaning of the song the right way.

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