Thursday, November 26, 2015

[Friday Fashion] She Was Pretty’s Min Ha Ri


Remember when I talked about how I loved Min Ha Ri’s style in this post? Now, I’m about to talk more on her style, which is undoubtedly rated as stylish!

Not all women can pull off short hair, but Min Ha Ri did it, fiercely. What I love from her style is that she’s not only showing off boyish character to match her short hair, but she also mixes it with a hint of feminine outfit. She perfectly pulls that tricky looks off. Oh, and one more thing, her style reminds me of Matilda *kkaman seon.geullaseu*

Let’s take a look at her memorable-stylish looks, shall we?


In the early episodes, Min Ha Ri showed that there is another way to look sexy by wearing an oversized/boyfriend shirt.


Min Ha Ri likes to look sexy and thanks to her model-like body, looking sexy for her is as easy as drinking a glass of water, she just need to put a short skirt, see-through long-sleeves top and a black bra.

Even her sleepwear is as sexy and stylish as her daywear. I would like one of this sleepwear, please! (and her body, too, if it’s not too much to ask)


This look is my favorite look of Ha Ri. It’s perfect and super stylish!


Even as a student, Ha Ri did not forget to stick to her badass style. I love how she mixed the leather jacket with a white formal shirt.

Another fashion-items Ha Ri loved to wear is edgy earrings. Her earrings collection is amazing. From simple, to long, to rounded, to diamond-like.


So, it’s not a sin to rate her looks as stylish, right?

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